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Application of laser cutting in processing metal materials

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  1. Titanium and alloy

  Pure titanium can well match the heat energy converted by the focused laser beam. When the auxiliary gas is oxygen, the chemical reaction is very intense, and the cutting speed is fast, but it is easy to generate oxide layer at the cutting edge, and it will cause over burning if not careful. For the sake of safety, it is generally better to use air as auxiliary gas to ensure the cutting quality.

  The laser cutting of titanium alloy commonly used in aircraft manufacturing industry is of good quality. Although there will be a little slag at the bottom of the cutting seam, it is easy to remove.

  2. Nickel alloy

  Nickel base alloy is also called super alloy. There are many varieties, most of which can be cut by oxidation melting.

  3, carbon steel

  The maximum thickness of carbon steel plate cut by laser cutting machine can be up to 50 mm. By using oxidation melting cutting, the cutting seam of carbon steel can be controlled within the satisfied width range, and the cutting seam of thin plate can be narrowed to about 0.1 mm.

  4. Stainless steel

  Laser cutting is an effective tool for the manufacturing industry which uses stainless steel sheet as the main component. Under the strict control of heat input in laser cutting process, the heat affected zone of cutting edge can be limited to be very small, so as to effectively maintain the good corrosion resistance of such materials.

  5. Alloy steel

  Most alloy structural steel and alloy tool steel can obtain good cutting quality by laser cutting. Even some high-strength materials can obtain straight and non stick slag cutting as long as the process parameters are properly controlled. However, for high-speed tool steel and hot die steel containing tungsten, there will be erosion and slag sticking during laser cutting.

  The most important point of laser cutting of metal materials is to ensure the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machine. Besides, it is also necessary to ensure that the section is smooth and free of stress deformation. Using laser cutting machine of metal material can save the process of sheet metal secondary processing, improve the yield of material, improve the product quality and production cycle, and save more cost for the enterprise.leapion laser cutting machine

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