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Application of laser cutting equipment in shoemaking

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  China's shoemaking industry has a long history of development. The traditional open die cutting has been used in shoemaking technology, which wastes a lot of materials, costs a lot of mould, takes a long period of proofing, and costs a lot of production. The rise of laser cutting and other new technology industries has led to the production efficiency reform of traditional industries, especially the shoemaking industry. The shoemaking enterprise adopts laser cutting machine, which can save labor and production cost. At the same time, the demand of traditional industries for laser equipment also drives the development of emerging industries and gradually grows.

  Laser cutting machine is applied to the cutting of shoe material. It uses laser to irradiate the material and make it gasify, melt or break, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. Using laser cutting technology to replace the traditional manual cutting technology on the vamp, in addition to reducing the cost of making the cutting die, the non-contact laser beam cutting accuracy makes the vamp material not damaged, will not appear texture deviation and deformation, and the elasticity of the processed vamp material will not be reduced.

  Laser cutting machine uses computer program to control the movement of laser head, and forms various patterns on materials, so as to cut the product patterns designed by computer program. Using laser technology for processing, not only the product quality is high, the cutting effect is good and the efficiency is high, but also the production cost is saved and the profit is increased. Customers are more willing to try to use laser cutting machine for production and processing.

  Although the application of laser cutting machine in the shoemaking industry in our country is in the primary stage at present, the laser cutting machine has gradually replaced the traditional processing method with its superior performance, and has been widely used in all walks of life.

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