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Application and advantages of laser cleaning machine

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  The laser cleaning method is a brand-new cleaning technique that arose from the laser's specific material selectivity. A laser of a certain power can easily cut metal but cannot penetrate the thickness of paper, while a CO2 laser of a certain power can easily cut wood and plastic but not aluminum foil.The remaining ink film hoards in the cells are mostly non-metallic materials, while the mesh materials are mostly metal, allowing for selective laser material application. The use of CO2 laser cleaning technology allows the hoard to be vaporized without causing damage to the mesh.

  Laser cleaning technology has the following characteristics

  (1) Because it is a dry cleaning method that does not require the use of cleaning fluid or other chemical solutions, there is no contamination from chemical cleaning, and the cleanliness is ideal;

  (2) The range of dirt removal and relevant substrates is extremely broad;

  (3) Laser cleaning is a type of non-contact processing that can be used to clean components that are difficult to achieve using conventional techniques, such as transmission via optical fiber. It also avoids the flaws of damage to the object's surface caused by the mechanical force produced by the close operation.

  (4)It is possible to successfully remove different types of contaminants from the surface of the material without damaging the substrate by changing the laser process parameters, resulting in a clean as new surface. Additionally, laser cleaning enables easy automation and intelligent operation.

  (5)Laser cleaning equipment can be used for a long time, with the only costs being electricity and upkeep. Long-term use has a comparatively low running cost.

  (6)The laser cleaning machine is developed using environmentally friendly technology, which does not cause pollution to the human body and the environment.This technology is also planned to be used to clean grease from pits on the surface of domestic rolled aluminum plates, and it is suitable for the pretreatment of aluminum plates in the PS or CTP plate production line.

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