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Advantages of pipe cutting machine in fitness equipment market

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  In response to the national call for national fitness,

  The demand for fitness equipment in China is increasing,

  When the market began to have a large demand for fitness equipment,

  However, the quality of equipment is facing a severe test,

  The emergence of laser cutting machine for pipe material,

  It solves the problem that it is difficult to improve the quality of fitness equipment.

  The processing of pipe materials in fitness equipment industry is more,

  The traditional way to process pipe is to use band saw

  Drilling machine and special milling machine,

  This process can not guarantee the beauty,

  It can't guarantee the accuracy,

  It also takes up a lot of labor costs and materials

  The time cost of transshipment is very uneconomical.

  The pipe cutting machine can realize the function of pipe cutting

  Square tube, rectangular tube and special-shaped pipe, etc,

  High speed and high quality laser cutting.

  Good flexibility, no need to open mold,

  Greatly save new product development time;

  High speed, high precision,

  It can realize pipe opening, cutting, intersecting line and conventional way

  It is difficult to realize the precision cutting of various special-shaped complex graphics;

  One time molding can save cost and improve efficiency.

  in summary,

  Advantages of laser pipe cutting machine

  It is gradually highlighted in practice


  High precision:

  The traditional pipe cutting method is manual,

  So every truncated part is different,

  The same fixture system is used for pipe laser cutting machine,

  The processing design is completed by programming software,

  And it can complete multi-step processing at one time,

  The accuracy is guaranteed.



  Pipe laser cutting machine

  It can cut several meters of pipe in one minute,

  It is superior to the traditional manual mode in speed,

  This means that laser processing is efficient.



  The laser cutting machine can process various shapes flexibly,

  This gives designers the ability to do complex designs,

  This is unimaginable under the traditional processing means.


  Batch processing:

  The standard pipe length is 6 meters,

  Traditional processing method is adopted

  It requires very heavy clamping,

  And the tube laser cutting machine

  It can be done very simply

  Several meters of pipe clamping and positioning,

  This makes batch processing possible!

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