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Advantages of laser cutting FPC film

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  FPC cover film laser cutting machine is mainly used for FPC, PCB, ceramics and other materials. It uses high-power UV laser to achieve fast and precise cutting and drilling, and has a wide range of applications. Application fields: FPC, PCB, cutting of soft and hard combination board, cutting of fingerprint chip module, cutting of soft ceramic, opening window of covering film. The laser cutting technology of FPC cover film mainly uses laser to cut PI cover film, which not only has high cutting accuracy, but also saves high mold cost, and has high product qualification rate, which can greatly reduce production cost and improve product quality.

  Characteristics of FPC laser cutting machine for covering film

  Screw rod, imported laser, marble platform, cast aluminum gantry structure and cast iron chassis.

  High precision machine tool and high precision servo screw drive ensure position accuracy and dimension accuracy, better roundness and better corner effect.

  The stable walking and energy control make the edge heat affected zone of the product which can be cut out by the machine smaller, the edge cutting effect smoother, and the effect consistency better.

  The performance of the software is superior. It can realize layered cutting, cutting path optimization, laser energy following speed and other functions. The cutting effect is consistent and the half cutting energy of the material is well controlled.

  Advantages of FPC coating laser cutting machine

  High precision laser cutting machine, imported RF laser is selected,

  Fast proofing speed, saving the cost of cutting die, easy to operate and learn,

  For the touch screen industry materials, the phenomenon of curling during cutting has been improved,

  It can improve the absorption of laser energy by materials and make up for the shortage of cutting touch screen by domestic laser equipment.

  Although FPC laser cutting machine is now the darling of circuit board manufacturing industry, with the increasingly fierce market competition, the quality of various manufacturers varies, which also leads to the depreciation of laser equipment premium. Laser always put customers first, looking for high-quality and high-tech research, to grasp the market competition, to create cost-effective equipment to meet the needs of customers!

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