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Advantages of cutting carbon steel with laser cutting machine

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  Carbon steel is a kind of iron carbon alloy with carbon content of 0.0218% ~ 2.11%. Generally, it also contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements. Theoretically speaking, the higher the carbon content in carbon steel, the greater the hardness and the higher the strength, but the lower the plasticity. What are the advantages of laser cutting carbon steel?

  Advantages of laser cutting machine for sheet steel cutting:

  A. The cutting quality is good, the cutting seam is small, the deformation is small, the cutting surface is smooth, flat and beautiful, and there is no need for follow-up treatment;

  B. Fast cutting speed, continuous and fast curve cutting function and machining path optimization function, greatly improving the work efficiency;

  C. High stability, stable output power, long service life and simple maintenance;

  D. The software has powerful functions; it can design all kinds of figures and words at will for real-time processing, with flexible work, high efficiency, simple and convenient mechanical operation.leapion laser cutting machine

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