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Features of Press Brake Smart
Our press brake are designed with precision engineering and robust construction, ensuring powerful and reliable performance.
Whether you need to bend simple or complex shapes, our machines offer versatility and ease of use.
With intuitive controls and easy setup, you can get started quickly and efficiently.
Trust in our machines for unbeatable quality and value.
Side of the Press Brake
Side of the Press Brake
What is a press brake?
Press brake is a mechanical device typically used to bend and fold metal sheets and thin plates to form the desired shape. By applying pressure and controlling the angle, a press brake can create different shapes and sizes of bending angles and curves, such as V-shape, U-shape, folding, arc-shape, and more.
Press brakes are commonly used in the manufacturing of various metal products, such as machine parts, automotive components, furniture, electronic equipment enclosures, building materials, and more.
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Press Brake Smart Details Images

Bending machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for bending metal plates. Its core components include the following aspects:
DELEM DA-53T Touch CNC System
1. With a variety of bending modes: support a variety of bending modes, such as single-sided bending, symmetrical bending, asymmetrical bending, etc., to meet different bending needs.
2. Easy to operate: It adopts a graphical interface, which is simple and convenient to operate, and can be operated and monitored through the touch screen.
3. High precision: High-precision encoder feedback technology is used to realize high-precision bending control.
4. Highly Programmable: It supports a variety of program storage and editing methods, and users can write and modify custom programs according to their needs.
5. Multilingual support: It supports multiple languages, including Chinese, English, German, French, etc., which is convenient for users to use.
6. Remote monitoring: support remote monitoring and diagnosis, remote access and control through network connection, improve production efficiency and safety
Press Brake Backgauge
backgauge device that can be raised or lowered
backgauge device that can be raised or lowered
Backgauge can provide accurate position support during workpiece machining to ensure correct bending position and angle. A Backgauge typically consists of a series of horizontal positioning arms that can be moved laterally and repositioned to accommodate workpieces of different sizes and shapes.
synchronizing controls
synchronizing controls
Backgauge can help the operator to position the workpiece to ensure the correct position and angle of the workpiece during the bending process, so as to produce high-quality bent products.
Backgauge also improves operator productivity and reduces error rates, allowing operators to quickly and accurately produce large numbers of parts of the same size.
Press Brake Hydraulic System
The use of hydraulic energy to realize the work of the bending machine includes the following aspects: 
Provide power: The hydraulic pump converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to provide power for the hydraulic system.
Control direction: The hydraulic valve can control the flow direction of the hydraulic system, so that the hydraulic oil reaches the hydraulic cylinder according to a certain flow direction, thereby pushing the bending machine to work. 
Realize mechanical action: The hydraulic system converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to push the bending machine to complete the required bending operation.
Germany Rexroth hydraulic system
Germany Rexroth hydraulic system
Oil cylinder
Oil cylinder
Siemens motor
Siemens motor
Press Brake Upper Mold
It is usually made of steel with a certain strength and rigidity, and surface treatment and heat treatment are carried out as required to improve its wear resistance and deformation resistance.
The upper mold can usually meet different bending requirements by matching different combinations of the lower mold. At the same time, in order to adapt to workpieces of different sizes, the upper mold is often made detachable to facilitate replacement and maintenance
40+ Bending Mode
According to different bending requirements, the shape and size of the upper mold are also different
Press Brake Component
Schneider travel switch
Schneider travel switch
It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, strong sealing, oil resistance and corrosion resistance. 
Good stability: It adopts advanced control technology and French Schneider brand electronic components, which can run stably and ensure long-term service life.
Foot Pedal
Foot Pedal
Equipped with a movable foot switch for operation, a safety key for start-up, and an emergency button for safety.
Technical Parameters
  Mode   LP-130T/4100 Press Brake Smart
  Nominal pressure   1300kN
  Worktable length   4100mm
  Distance between columns   3100mm
  Maximum opening height   460mm
  Stroke of Ram   200mm
  Throat depth   400mm
  Approach speed   180mm/s
  Working speed   10mm/s
  Return speed   150mm/s
  Main motor power   7.5kw
  X-axis travel   500mm
  X-axis speed   300mm/s
  R-axis travel   200mm
  R-axis speed   60mm/s
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Application Industry

Press brake is a machine tool used to process sheet metal, which can bend sheet metal into different shapes and angles. Press brake are widely used in the manufacturing industry, the following are some examples of application industries: automobile manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, construction manufacturing, pipeline manufacturing, electrical equipment manufacturing, etc.

What Materials Can Be Processed ?

Press brake is a machine tool used to process sheet metal, bending the sheet metal into the desired shape. The materials processed by the press brake mainly include: steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, etc.
Aluminium sheet
Stainless steel sheet
Carbon steel sheet
Copper sheet

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