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Smart control system

The control system of LR-1325AF adopts the more advanced Taiwan Syntec system, which is widely acclaimed internationally and can perfectly control 3axis, 4, 5, 6, 8axis. The Syntec system can work online and WiFi links, greatly increasing the intelligence of the device.


High power motorized spindle can easily process all kinds of materials

R-1325AF selects Italian HSD air-cooled spindle ES951 9.5KW . Choose from manual, quick-release, high-power and high-speed spindles for optimum processing of rigid sheet materials.


Why to choose ATC machine

6/8/12 ATC is available. 12 seconds for tool change. Greatly improved work efficiency and Multi process complex work can achieve unattended, one-time processing.



Auxiliary loading system

Panel Loading system with scissor lift and automatic panel alignment. The system ease of use ensures long term reliability .also Moving the panel with dynamic vacuum sunction cup loading system , A solution that adats to all sureface types.


Dust-free vacuum system

The country's first dust-free vacuum system is inspired by the “Typhoon” cyclone. Our French engineer, Mr Ness, studied this technology for three years and finally developed it successfully which has been perfectly applied into our products, which is now a BCAM patent courtesy of our French engineer. After the improvement by Mike, our Design Director, it has been applied to our S, C, D and E series equipment. The beautiful design and excellent performance have won praise from many customers. More and more customers have seen the revolutionary vacuum design in the industry, and some of them traveled from far to purchase BCAM engraving machines.

Auto lubricating system

one touch can finish periodic maintenance easily.
What materials can be processed ?

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