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Why does the laser cutting machine burst when punching?

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Recently, I received some inquiries from friends. Why did the laser cutting machine blow holes when drilling? This phenomenon is actually quite common. When the laser cutting machine cuts the plate of 6mm or more, that is, the medium-thick plate, it will be easy to burst when punching, causing the cutting sample to be incomplete or the follower is unstable. So, why does the laser cutting machine punch holes? How to solve this problem? Let's share with you Leapion laser below.


In fact, using a metal laser cutting machine to cut round holes is not as easy as imagined.

Generally speaking, regardless of whether the metal laser cutting equipment on the market is imported or domestically produced, it should be possible to cut only 1:1 holes. The larger the aperture, the better the cutting. Equipment with insufficient capacity will appear round when cutting small holes. Irregular holes, too many breakpoints, etc. At present, the best imported equipment can achieve holes with a thickness of 1/3 of the board.


We analyze the reasons for blasting when using a laser cutting machine to punch holes:

1. The round hole is too small. Laser cutting machine cutting 1:1 holes is the best solution. The larger the aperture, the better the cutting. When the laser cutting machine with insufficient capacity cuts small holes, there will be irregular round holes and too many broken points.

2. The gas pressure is too large or too small. If the gas pressure is too high, the hole will burst. If the pressure is too low, the cutting edge will be rough and the burning will be serious. Choosing the right gas pressure is one of the reasons to solve the irregular cutting of round holes.

3. Servo motor parameters. Many parameters of the servo motor are related to arc motion. The parameters are not suitable. The mismatch of x and y axis motions will cause ellipse or irregular graphics in the cut circular hole.

4. The precision of the lead screw or guide rail is not enough. Some small factories have low technical strength and low level of workers, and the precision of the laser cutting machine produced cannot reach 0.1mm, so the precision of the circular hole cut does not meet the requirements.


The solution to the blast hole when the laser cutting machine is punching is as follows:

Gas cause

The gas affects the cutting quality to a certain extent and causes blasting during cutting. The following methods can be adopted:

1. Decrease the oxygen pressure

Oxygen assists combustion in the laser cutting process. When the punching pressure is too high, the sheet will burst instantly and cause deflagration. Decrease the blowing pressure, it will penetrate the plate slowly when punching, and will not cause deflagration.


2. Use air cutting

The use of air cutting in laser cutting machines will improve the blasting phenomenon, but the cutting speed will be reduced. Of course, you can also use inert gas such as nitrogen, but the gas cost will be higher.


Focal length problem

If the focal length is not correct, it will also cause the blasting phenomenon, we can adjust the focal length to try to solve it.

It is more complicated to adjust the focal length to solve the blast hole. We need to debug step by step in the cutting sample, so that the focal length is focused on the surface of the cut sheet. If you cut thick plates, the cutting aesthetics will be reduced.


In addition: upgrading equipment can also effectively reduce the probability of blasting

This refers to adjusting the gas and air pressure of the laser cutting machine separately when punching and cutting, which can also effectively reduce the probability of blasting.


If you want to know more about professional questions about laser cutting machines, please contact Leapion Laser.

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