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What's the differences between Raycus,Max,and IPG fiber source?

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  How to choose Raycus, Max and IPG fiber source?

  When buying a fiber cutting machine, you will find that there are a variety of lasers for us to choose from.There are Chinese brands, American brands, and the others are German brands.Today we will compare which of these brands of fiber laser power supplies is the best? What is the difference between them? Which is the most popular? So that you can choose the right application for your machine.

There is a big difference

  Many people want to know why MAX laser source is so cheap and IPG is so expensive. All the difference in price is not only because one of its power supplies is made in China and the other is made in Germany.The main difference lies in the cutting effect, machine quality, final warranty, after-sales service and the materials it can cut. This difference also exists between fiber optic power supplies in China and Singapore. If we compare Max and Raycus, we will find that one of them is better than other Chinese and Singaporean brands.


  Which brands are most popular and why?

  In the fiber laser cutting machine industry, the three brands are the best-selling.

  1) Max

  2) IPG

  3) Raycus

  Why are these brands the most sold?

  There are many different brands of power laser sources, but when working, these laser sources have the most advantages.


  The main reason most companies use it is because of its low price, it is not known for its cutting effect, and its warranty period is shorter than other fiber optic power supplies. The brand also has a small frequency range of 20 to 80 kHz, which makes it a very small range of cutting materials. Compared with other brands, Raycus does not provide customers with many advantages, but the price may be very cheap. Therefore, the cost of the machine manufactured using this power supply is lower.


  Max is another optical fiber power supply that is known for being cheap, but the main difference between this brand and raycus is that Max has better stability than raycus, and it has a better warranty and after-sales service system. In addition, Max has a larger range than Raycus, from 0 to 120 kHz.


  IPG has become one of the most famous brands for its high-quality cutting effect, stability and after-sales service. Compared with other brands, the main advantage is the high-quality cutting effect compared with Chinese brands.

  Which one is the best cost effective?

Which one is the best cost effective

  All in all, the most cost-effective laser source for cutting is MAX, which has a large kHz range and provides us with the opportunity to cut more materials with high resolution and high stability. MAX laser light source is also very economical, and the warranty and after-sales service are better.

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