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What's the differences between Raycus,Max,and IPG fiber source?

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  When we are buying a fiber laser machine we can find that many different brands are offering various fiber laser power sources. Some of them are Chinese power source brands, others are USA brands, and others are German brands. Amount all these brands of fiber laser power sources which one is the best? What's the difference between them? Which fiber power laser source is cheaper? Which one is the most popular? In this blog, we want to explain this to let you chose the right machine for your application.

There is a big difference

Many people wonder why some Raycus machines are so cheap, and IPG is expensive, all this difference in price is not only because one power source it is made in China and other it is made in Germany. The main difference is the engraving result, the quality of the machine, the final warranty, and the materials it can mark. This difference is also between Chinese and Singapore fiber power sources. If we compare Max, and Raycus, we can find that one of them is better than the rest of the Chinese and Singapore brands.


Which brands are the most popular and why?

  Four brands are the most sold in the fiber laser engraving machine industry.

  1) Raycus

  2) Max

  3) IPG

  Why are these brands the most sold?

  There are more than 30 different brands for the power laser source, but at the time of work, these fiber power sources have their advantages.


  This brand is cheap, and this is the main reason most of the companies use it, is not famous for a quality engraving and also have less warranty than other fiber power sources. This brand also has a small range frequency between 20 to 80 kHz, which makes it have a short range of engraving materials. In comparison with other brands, Raycus doesn't offer too much advantage to the customer, but it can be very cheap, and as a result, machines build with this power source are low cost.


  Max is another fiber power source famous for being cheap, but the main difference between this brand and raycus is that max has better stability and a better warranty than raycus. Moreover,Max has a bigger range of 0 to 120 kHz than Raycus.


  IPG is one of the most famous brands for their high-quality engraving, stability, and warranty. The main advantage over other brands is the high-quality engraving and guarantee in comparison to the Chinese brands. Also, it has a wide range of materials that can engrave with excellent results.

  Which one is the best cost effective?

Which one is the best cost effective

  In conclusion, the most cost-effective fiber laser power source for engraving is the MAX that has a great range of kHz and offers us the opportunity of engraving more materials with high resolution and high stability. The MAX laser source is also economic and has longer warranty

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