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What kinds of auxiliary gases are available for laser cutting machines?

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As we all know, we need to use different auxiliary gases in the process of using laser cutting machines to cut materials. These different auxiliary gases have their own characteristics and functions. So, what kinds of auxiliary gases are used in the laser cutting machine? There are currently three common types, compressed air, oxygen and nitrogen. Today, the manager of Leapion Laser will introduce to you the use and characteristics of different auxiliary gases.

Auxiliary gas refers to the gas ejected from the cutting nozzle of the laser cutting machine. There are three commonly used compressed air, nitrogen and oxygen. The auxiliary gas has a great effect on laser cutting. It can blow away the melted and vaporized part of the cutting piece, and it can also blow away the smoke generated during the cutting process, thereby reducing the obstacle to the cutting of the workpiece. Different thicknesses and materials of different materials have different requirements for the pressure and flow rate of the auxiliary gas.

The first type, the auxiliary gas commonly used in laser cutting machines is compressed air

1. Compressed air can be provided directly by an air compressor, of which nitrogen accounts for about 78% and oxygen accounts for about 21%, so the price is very cheap compared with other gases.

2. The cutting effect of compressed air is between nitrogen cutting and oxygen cutting. Because when air is used as an auxiliary gas for cutting, oxygen will inevitably cause an oxidation reaction on the cutting section, but at the same time, due to the presence of a large amount of nitrogen, the oxidation reaction caused by oxygen is not enough to enhance heat transfer, and the cutting ability will not increase.

3. Compressed air is mainly suitable for the cutting of non-metallic materials. It can be used when the material is thin and the cutting section is not very demanding.

4. Compressed air is generally used in sheet metal processing, chassis cabinets, elevator bookcases and other industries.

The second type, the auxiliary gas used by the laser cutting machine is oxygen

1. Oxygen (melting cutting): The principle is to use the high temperature of the laser beam to chemically react with the material in an instant; make it melt and gas fume; to achieve the purpose of decomposing and cutting the workpiece.

2. Oxygen plays a role in the cutting process: assisting in burning and neutralizing the carbon molecules in the material. Therefore, it is easy to produce smoke during cutting, and high-power smoke removal equipment is required.

3. The main applicable materials for oxygen: mainly used for carbon steel cutting, including rolled steel, stainless steel, electroplated steel, high-tensile steel, etc.

4. Oxygen is generally suitable for cutting thick plates.

The third type, the auxiliary gas used by the laser cutting machine is nitrogen

1. Nitrogen (melting and cutting): The principle is to use the high temperature of the laser beam to directly melt the material; then use the coaxial high-pressure gas to take away the melted material.

2. The role of nitrogen in the cutting process is to protect the material from oxidation and use high pressure to blow away the melted material. Therefore, nitrogen cutting generally requires higher pressure, and the pressure required for different material thicknesses is also different.

3. Nitrogen is mainly suitable for stainless steel plates, including electroplated steel plates, brass, aluminum and aluminum alloys.

4. Nitrogen can be used in special parts such as aerospace and decoration industries.


So, what are the advantages of using auxiliary gas for laser cutting machine?

1. The first purpose of cutting with auxiliary gas is to blow away the residual waste and achieve the best cutting effect.

2. Use gas to blow away the metal slag while protecting the lens to avoid the slag sticking to the lens and affecting the cutting quality.

3. The use of nitrogen cutting can effectively achieve the effect of smooth cutting surface, no burrs and no dross, and can be precision cut.

4. Using oxygen to cut, oxygen can support combustion, react with the material, and increase the cutting speed.

 What are the effects of auxiliary gas on the laser cutting machine?

1. The higher the gas purity, the better the cutting quality

The purity of cutting low-carbon steel is at least 99.6%, and the recommended oxygen purity is 99.9% for cutting carbon steel of 12mm or more. The purity of nitrogen for cutting stainless steel plates should reach 99.6% or more. The higher the nitrogen purity, the better the quality of the cut section. If the purity of the cutting gas does not meet the requirements, it will not only affect the quality of the cutting, but also cause the pollution of the lens.

2. The influence of gas pressure on cutting

When the pressure is insufficient:

A. When the gas pressure is insufficient, melting stains will occur on the cutting surface;

B. When the gas pressure is insufficient, it is not easy to penetrate, and the cutting speed cannot be accelerated, which affects the processing efficiency.

When the pressure is too high:

A. When the airflow is too large, the cutting surface will be rough and the slit will be wider;

B. When the airflow is too large, the cut part will melt, and a good cutting quality will not be formed.

It can be seen that the auxiliary gas plays an important role in the use of the laser cutting machine. We want the characteristics and functions of the auxiliary gas, so as to make better use of the laser cutting machine and bring high-quality and high-efficiency processing. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Leapion Laser.

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