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What is the selection standard of fiber laser cutting machine?

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  Because we are not familiar with the laser equipment manufacturing industry, so when choosing fiber laser cutting machine, many enterprises can't understand the selection standard. Basically, the purchase standards of fiber laser cutting machine are relatively duplicated, but it is mainly determined by several key indicators. For example, the roughness of the cutting surface of the equipment, processing speed, accuracy, flatness of the finished product and whether there is slag hanging on the incision, etc. these hardware indicators can be seen in the performance of the optical fiber laser cutting machine, which need to be considered in the purchase process.

  And you need to carefully look at the fiber laser cutting machine shape, whether there are some details of the problem. After ensuring that there is no problem in appearance, you can actually operate the prototype in the workshop of leapion laser equipment to see the process and effect of sample processing. In the process of viewing operation, we should compare its cutting speed, photoelectric conversion efficiency and the quality of finished products.

  In the optical fiber laser cutting machine purchase, we are more concerned about a point is its price. We should choose the machines with the average price level of the industry, and the price will be more cost-effective if we order them in batches from manufacturers.

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