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What is the cost of a laser cleaning machine in 2021?

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Many friends who are concerned about laser cleaning machines want to know what is the cost of buying a laser cleaning machine in 2021? In fact, the price is affected by many factors, such as power, clean material, and thickness to be cleaned. Today the sales manager of Leapion Laser will share with you.

First of all, let's take a look at what is laser cleaning

Laser cleaning is a green, non-destructive, surface cleaning technology that uses the interaction of laser and material to remove attachments on the surface of the substrate. To put it simply, laser cleaning uses the characteristics of laser beams with large energy density, controllable direction and strong convergence ability to destroy the bonding force between the pollutants and the substrate or directly vaporize the pollutants for decontamination. , Reduce the bonding strength of the pollutant and the matrix, and then achieve the effect of cleaning the surface of the workpiece.

Traditional cleaning mostly uses chemical agents or mechanical methods. With the advancement of science and technology, people are becoming more and more aware of environmental protection, and traditional cleaning methods can no longer meet people's needs. However, laser cleaning has the cleaning characteristics of non-grinding, non-contact, non-thermal effect and suitable for objects of various materials, and is considered the most reliable and effective solution. In the future, it will gradually replace traditional cleaning methods.

So, what are the advantages of laser cleaning compared with traditional cleaning?

1. Laser cleaning is more "green" and environmentally friendly

Laser cleaning is a "green" cleaning method. It does not need to use any chemicals and cleaning fluid, and the cleaned waste is basically + solid powder, small in size, easy to store, recyclable, and basically does not pollute the environment. And, a non-contact cleaning method.

However, most of the traditional cleaning methods are contact cleaning, which has mechanical force on the surface of the cleaning object, damages the surface of the object or the cleaning medium adheres to the surface of the object to be cleaned, and cannot be removed, resulting in secondary pollution.

2. Laser cleaning is cleaner and more efficient

Laser cleaning can remove various types of pollutants on the surface of various materials, cleaning uniformly, with high cleanliness, and the cleanliness is much higher than chemical cleaning processes. Laser cleaning can effectively decontaminate the surface without damaging the substrate by adjusting the laser process parameters.

However, the traditional cleaning methods have good cleaning effects and average efficiency. Chemical cleaning and mechanical polishing will cause uneven cleaning and some damage to the workpiece.

3. Laser cleaning operation is simpler

Laser cleaning operation is simple, can be easily automated operation, and very flexible hand-held equipment. The laser can be transmitted through optical fiber, coordinated with robots and robots to easily realize remote operation, and can clean parts that are not easily reached by traditional methods. This can ensure the safety of personnel when used in some dangerous places.

However, the chemical cleaning and mechanical friction cleaning processes are more complicated and require safety protection measures. Although ultrasonic cleaning is simple to operate, it also requires manual addition of consumables.

4. Low cost of laser cleaning machine

The first purchase of laser cleaning is high, but no consumables are needed, and the maintenance cost is low. It only needs power supply.

Traditional cleaning equipment, although the initial purchase of the machine is lower than the laser cleaning, but the later maintenance costs are good, especially the high cost of consumables.



Third, the classification of laser cleaning machines

There are many types of laser cleaning machines that can be cleaned, and there are also many laser cleaning methods. For different metal materials and different stains, different laser cleaning methods can be selected according to the actual situation.

The laser cleaning mechanism can be summarized as four aspects: laser vaporization decomposition, laser peeling, thermal expansion of dirt particles, substrate surface vibration and particle vibration; and laser cleaning is often the result of multiple mechanisms acting simultaneously.

1. Laser dry cleaning method:

That is, pulse laser direct radiation decontamination is used. The laser generated by the laser can be concentrated by the optical system to achieve a high degree of energy concentration. The focused laser beam can generate thousands of degrees or even tens of thousands of degrees near the focal point, which instantly vaporizes or decomposes the attachments on the surface of the object.

2. Laser + liquid film method:

That is, a layer of liquid film is deposited on the collective surface first, and then the liquid film is exploded and decontaminated by laser.

3. Laser + inert gas method

That is, after the laser irradiates the surface of the workpiece, the dirt is peeled off from the surface, and the dirt is blown away with inert gas to avoid re-contamination and oxidation of the clean surface.


 Use the laser to irradiate the surface of the workpiece first, and then use non-corrosive chemical methods to decontaminate after the dirt is loose. Only works of art use this method.

At present, the first three cleaning methods are mainly used in industrial production, among which the laser dry cleaning method and the laser + liquid film cleaning method are used more.

In fact, there is no uniform standard for the structure of laser cleaning equipment. It is necessary to decide which machine to use based on factors such as the actual cleaning method, the type of substrate and dirt, and the effect of the cleaning requirements. In summary, the higher the power of the laser cleaning machine, the higher the price.

The cost of a laser cleaning machine in 2021 generally ranges from US$4500.00 to US$48000.00. Low power is cheaper, high power is more expensive. Although the initial one-time investment cost of the laser cleaning system is relatively high, the cleaning system can be used stably for a long time with low operating cost. For more professional questions, please contact Leapion Laser directly.

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