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What causes affect the cutting speed of metal laser cutting machine?

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  Metal laser cutting machine in the material cutting when the choice of speed is very important, the speed is too slow, no matter how good the effect will affect production, and if the speed is fast, but you have to sacrifice the quality to exchange, it is a bit more than the gain. In fact, metal laser cutting machine in the control speed is not so simple, cutting speed is often based on the manufacturer's technology to provide a range of some tests, in order to find the appropriate cutting speed. Because of the thickness of the cutting material, the composition of the material and the ductility, thermal conductivity and other aspects, the cutting speed is also different.

  What causes affect the cutting speed of metal laser cutting machine?

  General manifestations: 

  1. The proper increase of the speed of laser cutting machine can not only improve the quality of the cutting seam, but also reduce the deformation of the cutting seam.

  2. If the cutting speed is too fast, the linear energy of cutting will be lower than the required value. During the cutting process, the melted material can not be blown off quickly by blowing air, which will form a large amount of drag, affecting the integrity of the incision, and even secondary treatment may be required.

  3. If the speed of the laser cutting machine is too low, the cutting position will be exposed to the laser high temperature for a long time, which not only causes the cutting seam to become larger, but also may affect the beauty of the cutting seam due to too much heat conduction, and form slag hanging on the back of the metal.

  4. When the speed is very low, the incision melts too much, the slit is wider, even causes the arc to extinguish, unable to cut.

  Therefore, the cutting speed will affect the cutting quality, not only from the cutting speed, I hope you should be cautious when operating the metal laser cutting machine.

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