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What are the standards for purchasing laser cutting machines?

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  In the actual selection process of laser cutting machine, there will be some selection methods of its own. In fact, from the existing selection schemes, most of our friends also hope to make effective choices according to the actual situation. Of course, there are more standards when choosing. Let's take a look at them together.

  Standard 1: purchasing production range

  Laser cutting is basically used in some enterprises, and in the whole process of production, we need to know more about the production situation, so we must make clear the production scope of the whole enterprise, such as the understanding of their processing materials and cutting thickness, so as to decide whether to purchase the original equipment or quantity, and more negative for the later purchase Work to do some simple bedding, from the existing situation to see the selection of this series of laser cutting machine. We should combine the needs of enterprises to make effective choices.

  Standard 2: Power

  After all, laser cutting machine is a kind of equipment. In the whole selection, the final power should also be taken into account. To some extent, most of the metal plates in the factory are cut below 6 mm. In this case, it is not necessary to buy some high-power cutting machines. The 500 Watt laser cutting machine is enough to meet the original production demand, If the production volume is relatively large, the best choice to worry about the efficiency of 500W is to buy two or a series of small and medium-sized laser cutting machines. In this way, it will also help the manufacturer in the control of the whole cost, so you must have more understanding in this regard.leapion

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