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What are the key technologies of laser cutting machine?

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  Several key technologies of laser cutting machine are integrated technology of light, machine and electricity. Because of its unique advantages, laser cutting machine technology plays an increasingly important role in the modern manufacturing field. The increasing demand for laser cutting equipment at home and abroad has greatly promoted the rapid development of CNC laser cutting machine. This also requires higher and higher performance of the CNC laser cutting machine.

  The key technology of laser cutting machine consists of five parts:

  1. Internal and external light in optical system

  Internal light: the laser generator uses electric energy to convert into light energy. At present, the ratio of electro-optical installation and conversion is 25% - 30%.

  External light: after the light is generated, it will be transmitted to the cutting head through optical fiber. In this process, the light will be collected and focused to form a strong density spot, so as to reach the cutting energy.

  2. Operating system

  Through the numerical control to control the movement track of the machine.

  3. Motor system

  The main components of the motion system: gear, rack, guide rail, crossbeam, servo motor, reducer. If the machine wants to run accurately and stably, these are also linked.

  4. Cooling system

  It is mainly to cool the laser cutting head. If the cutting head is overheated, it will have thermal expansion effect, which will lead to light drift or focus displacement, and the workpiece will be continuously cut.

  5. Machine frame

  The machine frame bears the weight of the whole machine. If the strength and hardness are not enough, it will vibrate, which will affect the accuracy and service life of the machine.

  So every component needs technology. It's really linked. Numerical control laser cutting machine is an ideal cutting and processing means. To improve the performance and industrialization of laser cutting machine, so as to meet the growing market demand.

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