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What are the applications of laser cleaners in the manufacture of new energy lithium batteries?

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The production of lithium batteries includes three parts: pole piece manufacturing, battery cell manufacturing and battery assembly. Adding laser cleaning to the three manufacturing processes can greatly improve the battery manufacturing process level. Because laser cleaning has the advantages of green, high efficiency, good cleaning effect, and less damage to the copper foil, it is recognized as the preferred method for removing the coating film on the front and back of the anode electrode of the lithium battery, leaving the copper foil exposed and directly welding the tabs. So, what are the specific applications of laser cleaning machines in lithium battery manufacturing? The following Leapion laser tells you:

1. Laser cleaning of pole piece before coating

The positive and negative plates of lithium batteries are made by coating lithium battery positive and negative materials on thin metal strips. When the metal thin strips are coated with electrode materials, the metal thin strips need to be cleaned. The metal thin strips are generally aluminum thin or The copper is thin, and the original wet ethanol cleaning is easy to cause damage to other parts of the lithium battery. The laser dry cleaning machine can effectively solve the above problems.

2. Laser cleaning before battery welding

Using pulsed laser direct radiation decontamination, the surface temperature rises and thermal expansion occurs. Thermal expansion causes the contaminants or the substrate to vibrate, so that the contaminants overcome the surface adsorption force and detach from the substrate surface to achieve the purpose of removing stains on the surface of the object. This method can effectively remove dirt, dust, etc. on the end face of the battery pole to prepare for battery welding in advance to reduce defective welding products.

3. Laser cleaning during battery assembly

In order to prevent safety accidents of lithium batteries, it is generally necessary to apply external glue treatment to the lithium battery cells to play a role in insulation, prevent short circuits, protect circuits, and prevent scratches. Laser cleaning the insulating plate and end plate, clean the dirty surface of the battery cell, roughen the surface of the battery cell, improve the adhesion of glue or glue, and will not produce harmful pollutants after cleaning. It is an environmentally friendly green cleaning method. This is becoming more and more important when the world pays great attention to environmental protection.

4. Label cleaning

Under certain circumstances, graphite and lithium metal oxide need to be removed to reveal bare copper or aluminum foil labels. The key to this step is to remove the coating material without damaging the metal foil below it. The technology suitable for this link is pulsed infrared laser.


Why is laser cleaning technology used so much in lithium battery manufacturing? Because laser cleaning has unique advantages:

1. Laser cleaning can quickly and cleanly remove surface contaminants, reducing the need for subsequent processing.

2. Laser cleaning is 15 times faster than the traditional medium blasting cleaning process, which greatly reduces the cleaning time, greatly improves the production efficiency, and reduces the manufacturing cost.

3. Laser cleaning will not damage the surface. The ability to clean the surface without damaging the surface makes laser cleaning effectively improve the entire subsequent welding process.

Precautions for using laser cleaning machine in lithium battery manufacturing

1. The key technological processes that affect the quality and efficiency of laser pole piece cleaning include: pole piece positioning, laser cleaning and dust removal. After cleaning one position of the pole piece, it is necessary to make the next cleaning position reach the laser cleaning area as soon as possible, which requires high acceleration, high speed and high precision pole piece transport control.

2. The laser cleaning process is a process in which galvanometers are used to control the laser beam to perform multiple high-speed scanning filling and coating removal processes on the cleaning area. Due to the high scanning speed of the galvanometer during the cleaning process, high-speed, real-time and high-precision synchronous control of the galvanometer and laser is required; in order to ensure the cleaning efficiency and not damage the copper foil, the pulse width, power, and power of each laser cleaning must be Parameters such as frequency, scanning speed, and line spacing are fully optimized.

3. The coating material cleaned by the laser will generate a lot of dust, so it is necessary to have a reasonably designed dust removal system to process the dust to ensure the cleaning effect, avoid dust escape and pollute the workshop environment and the dust removal system to generate excessive noise and excessive consumption. energy.

For more professional questions about laser cleaners, please contact Leapion Laser.

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