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What are the advantages of the exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine?

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Speaking of laser cutting machines, everyone is not unfamiliar. With the development of technology, more and more companies purchase fiber laser cutting machines for processing. So, what is the exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine? In fact, the exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine is an updated and upgraded derivative of the general laser cutting machine. It not only has the characteristics of a general laser cutting machine, but also has many unique advantages. what is it? Let’s share with you Leapion Laser Manager.

First of all, let's take a look at what is the working principle of the exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine?

Exchange platform laser cutting machine, also known as "interactive laser cutting machine". It means that there are two work surfaces, which are exchanged for processing during work. When one worktable is cutting, the other worktable can simultaneously perform unloading and loading work. After the table to be cut is processed, it can be exchanged with another worktable, and the laser cutting machine can continue processing, so the up and down after the plate processing Material time, thereby improving production efficiency.

Which industries can the exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine be used in?

1. Applicable materials

The exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine is specialized in cutting a variety of medium and thin metal plates, high-quality carbon plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum alloy plates, galvanized plates, electrolytic plates, silicon steel, titanium alloys, aluminum-zinc plates and other metal materials.

2. Applicable industries

The exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in sheet metal processing, rail transit, automobiles, construction machinery, agriculture and forestry machinery, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household appliances, food machinery, textile machinery, tool processing, petroleum machinery, food machinery, kitchenware and bathroom , Decorative advertising and other industries.



So, what are the advantages of switching platform fiber laser cutting machine processing?

1. Dual platform exchange time within 15S

The dual-platform automatic exchange system can complete the exchange within 10-15 seconds of the machine tool. Greatly reduce the exchange time and improve production efficiency!

2. Higher processing efficiency

The design of the double exchange work platform enables cutting and loading at the same time, feeding on one side and unloading on the other. The rack and pinion transmission system at the bottom of the platform has good rigidity and high precision, thus saving waiting time for loading and unloading. Convenient and efficient, save time and worry.

3. Abundant processing materials

The exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine has a variety of raw materials for production and processing, which can be used to produce and process a variety of metal, carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal plates.

4. Good processing effect

A. Pneumatic clamping devices are set for the two platforms to ensure that the platform is stable and does not shake when the plate is being cut;

B. Non-contact production and processing, no damage to the workpiece;

C. The energy and movement speed of the laser beam can be adjusted, so a variety of production and processing can be realized, which is suitable for detailed production and processing.

5. Good stability and high cutting quality

A. The bed of the exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine is welded by high-strength steel plates, with stable performance and large carrying capacity.

B. Realize the comprehensive positioning of the guide rail, and cooperate with the high-quality finishing process; bring stable processing accuracy, efficient cutting ability, and accurate positioning effect.

6. Low cost of use

A. The exchangeable fiber laser cutting machine can reduce the loss of "tool" during the production process;

B. Using fiber laser, the electro-optical conversion rate of the laser is high, reaching more than 30%, which can greatly save power consumption and reduce production costs; C. The service life of fiber laser is up to 100,000 hours, no consumables, and low maintenance costs.

7. Energy saving and environmental protection, while improving safety

The use of a closed sheet metal cover, equipped with safety devices, door protection switches, etc., has the unity of safety and visibility, which greatly improves the safety performance.

8. Simple and flexible operation

The exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine cooperates with the numerical control system, which is conducive to guidance and practical operation. The requirements for operators are not high, simple, convenient and easy to operate.


The exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine can be updated and upgraded again on the basis of the original cutting platform, and the closed protective cover can be modified, which can be closed for production and processing, with zero pollution and low environmental noise.


The system software itself is a computer software, which can be edited conveniently and quickly, and is suitable for characteristic production and processing, especially for many metal parts with complex contour designs. The equipment product life cycle is short, from the aspects of practical skills, capital costs and time periods. Considering that it is not possible to make molds, the advantages of laser cutting are more obvious.

The exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine is a perfect fusion of fiber laser technology and digital control technology, reflecting the professional level of laser cutting. And it has its own unique advantages. If you have processing needs in this area, please consult Leapion Laser. Leapion Laser has more than 12 years of experience in the laser industry. Various types of laser machines are available. Our 7×24 hours online service!

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