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What are the advantages of laser cutting machine compared with traditional cutting machine?

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  Although laser cutting machine has been on the market for many years and has been very mature, many users do not understand the advantages of laser cutting machine. Laser cutting machine as an efficient processing equipment, can completely replace the traditional cutting equipment. Many users say this machine is more suitable for modern product processing. So what are the advantages of this fiber laser cutting machine compared with the traditional tools?

  1. Cutting speed

  According to the actual test results of laser field, the cutting speed of laser cutting machine is more than 10 times that of traditional cutting equipment. For example, when cutting 1mm stainless steel plate, the maximum speed of laser cutting machine can reach more than 30 meters per minute, which is impossible for traditional cutting machine.

  2. Cutting quality and accuracy

  The traditional flame cutting and numerical control punch are all contact processing methods, which have great damage to the material and low cutting quality. It is necessary to go through secondary processing to make the surface flat, and the cutting accuracy deviation is very large. The laser cutting machine is a non-contact technology, and the damage to materials is almost zero. Because the laser cutting machine adopts advanced accessories, the equipment is more stable in operation, the cutting accuracy is more accurate, the error even reaches 0.01mm precision, and the cutting surface is flat and smooth. For some industries with high requirements, not only the cost is saved, but also the processing time is saved.

  3. Simpler and more convenient operation

  Both flame cutting and numerical control punch need manual intervention in the operation of the machine, especially the numerical control punch, which needs to design the mold before cutting. The laser cutting machine only needs to design the cutting pattern in the computer, any complex pattern can be imported to the working table of the laser cutting machine, the equipment will automatically process, the whole process automation without human intervention.

  4. Fast cutting speed, high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity and no pollution.

  Now it's an efficient society. Everything needs to be done quickly and well. In the cutting of materials, it requires more efficiency. The traditional cutting machine has been gradually eliminated by the market because of its heavy operation and slow working efficiency, and the fiber laser cutting machine is now the favorite of the market. Because this machine is not only more uniform and high precision on the cutting line, but also can improve the working efficiency and bring more production value. More information

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