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Those industries that use the most fiber laser cutting machines

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  leapion In the process of sheet metal processing, blanking is one of the important links, and the use of fiber laser cutting machine for cutting blanking can bring users the advantages of high precision and high efficiency of material processing, which is currently a relatively hot intelligent processing equipment. Fiber laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications. Let's introduce the industries that use fiber laser cutting machine the most.

  1. Application of agricultural machinery industry

  The traditional agricultural machinery manufacturing still stays in the processing mode of punch, which will not only wear more molds, but also keep the products in place, which is not conducive to renewal. The optical fiber laser cutting machine is controlled by program, which can cut many kinds of plates without mould and cutter, which helps the processing and production of agricultural machinery.

  2. Application of construction machinery

  In the construction machinery industry, the round hole plate is the most, and the fiber laser cutting machine has the function of punching, which can directly determine the position of the hole. The equipment can use laser to directly cut material, which saves the drilling process and improves the production efficiency, but the precondition is that the diameter of the circular hole of the plate is more than or equal to the corresponding minimum diameter, and the roughness and diameter size need to be within the cutting capacity of the equipment before processing;

  3. Application of household appliances and kitchenware industry

  The manufacturing of household appliances and kitchenware is mainly made of stainless steel, iron, copper and other materials, and the thickness is thin. When cutting materials with smaller thickness, the fiber laser cutter can cut materials faster and better in quality. In addition, the cutting precision of the equipment is very high without mold, which improves the yield of household appliances such as range hoods and washing machines. However, the traditional cutting process, which can cut a product quickly, needs more mold, which wastes time and increases cost;Laser cutting machine

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