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The influence of laser cutting speed on sheet metal cutting

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  Sheet metal laser cutting machine is a relatively common laser cutting and processing equipment. Next, we will briefly introduce the impact of sheet metal laser cutting speed on cutting, let's take a look

  The laser cutting speed of sheet metal has a great influence on the cutting quality of stainless steel plate. The best cutting speed makes the cutting surface smooth and free of slag. If the cutting speed is too fast, the steel plate will not be cut through, which will cause spark splashing, slag in the lower part, and even burn the lens. This is because the cutting speed is too high, the energy obtained per unit area is reduced, and the metal is not completely melted; If the cutting speed is too slow, it is easy to cause over melting of materials, widening of cutting seam, increasing of heat affected zone, and even over burning of workpieces. This is because the cutting speed is too low, the energy is accumulated at the cutting seam, causing the cutting seam to widen, and the molten metal can not be discharged in time, so the slag is formed on the lower surface of the steel plate, resulting in the cutting defects shown in the figure below.

  The influence of cutting speed on cutting quality

  Cutting speed and laser output power together determine the input heat of the workpiece. Therefore, the relationship between the change of input heat and machining quality caused by the increase or decrease of cutting speed is the same as that of the change of output power. In general, when adjusting the processing conditions, if the purpose is to change the input heat, the output power and cutting speed will not be changed at the same time, just fix one side and change the other side to adjust the processing quality.

  The vf-30 optical fiber laser cutting machine under Zhejiang Junyi is a thin metal optical fiber laser cutting machine developed by lepaion laser according to the needs of the hardware industry. It adopts the gantry double drive structure, high-precision rack and guide rail drive, Weihong CNC laser cutting system, high-precision anti-collision laser cutting head, reinforced welding bed. The whole machine is stable, reliable, flexible and simple, and realizes high-speed drilling and cutting work Yes, specialized in cutting all kinds of metal materials such as sheet metal, precision accessories, hardware tools, craft gifts, etc., known as the "king of medium power cost performance".

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