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Some problems in the work of PCB laser cutting machine

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  The investment cost of purchasing PCB laser cutting machines and sub-board equipment is relatively high, and the purchase process also needs to be more rigorous. Compared with other PCB sub-board equipment, the technical threshold of PCB laser cutting machine is higher, and there are more technical materials that need to be referenced. As a customer, these unfamiliar materials seem to be relatively jerky and difficult to understand. How to understand the PCB laser cutting and board separation equipment. The laser will bring you a reference through this article.

  As a manufacturer, the first thing we need to understand is the customer’s requirements. According to the requirements, we recommend the relevant models. For example, the material of the PCB is aluminum substrate, epoxy resin, FR4, glass fiber board or paper substrate; the size of the PCB product , Whether there is V-groove, the thickness of the product, etc. are very important reference conditions.

  1. Materials

  Corresponding equipment is recommended according to the material. For aluminum and copper substrates, QCW fiber laser cutting machines are generally used for sub-boarding. In the early days, CO2 laser cutting machines were also used for sub-boarding. With the advancement of technology, they are gradually replaced. Other materials are green or ultraviolet. PCB laser cutting machine.

  2. Product processing speed and processing effect

  PCB laser cutting machine can meet the requirements of smooth cross-section without burr, no stress will not deform the board, and can divide the PCB loaded with components. However, the processing speed will have an impact on the processing effect. The recommended equipment here are UV PCB laser cutting and board splitting machine and green PCB laser cutting and board splitting machine.

  When using ultraviolet laser equipment, the processing effect is better, but the efficiency is lower. When using the green laser equipment, the processing effect is not as good as ultraviolet, but the efficiency is higher. At the same time, the thicker the board material, the lower the processing efficiency, and the processing effect is relatively poor. Of course, this has a lot to do with the speed. Even a 2mm board can be completely non-blackened regardless of the speed. In terms of processing speed, the better the material absorbs light, the faster the speed. For example, paper substrates with the same thickness can be processed faster than epoxy materials. The higher the laser power, the higher the single pulse energy and the repetition frequency, the faster the cutting speed.

  3. Processing width and processing gap

  The processing method of the PCB laser cutting machine is processed by scanning the galvanometer back and forth, so there are two references for the processing width of the galvanometer and the processing width of the worktable. The processing width of the galvanometer refers to the working area of a single processing. The effective size of the stage is the effective parameter for the PCB size. In addition to the aluminum and copper substrates, the general material laser separator can be controlled within 100 microns. The thinner board can be controlled at 50 microns. The thinner the board, the smaller the processing gap.

  4. Carbonization

  The carbonization phenomenon is actually a manifestation of the processing effect. Carbonization is not a phenomenon that exists on the cutting surface, but exists on the cutting cross section. Carbonization is caused on the one hand by the thermal influence of the high-energy beam gasification process, on the other hand is caused by the smoke generated during the gasification process attached to the cross section.

  How to avoid this problem effectively is to increase the processing frequency of the laser, the pulse energy and the average power during the processing. On the other hand, by reducing the cutting speed to reduce carbonization, plus some auxiliary dust extraction devices. Of course, the demanding customers want to achieve no blackout at all, which is also achievable, but it is very inefficient and difficult to be compatible.

  The above points are the key elements of PCB laser cutting machine and board machine equipment manufacturers' problems for customers. As a customer, you need to understand the current advantages and disadvantages of lasers, and find a balanced solution according to your needs before you can choose your favorite laser processing equipment.

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