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Shutdown procedure of laser cutting machine

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  Laser cutting machine is a kind of equipment which uses laser to cut. It is very advanced and more durable than traditional cutting equipment. But long-term use of equipment will always have problems, so we need to be able to use more care, extend the service life of the equipment. Today, we will introduce how to shut down the cutting machine.

  1. Turn the adjustment function power adjustment knob of the laser cutter counterclockwise to low power.

  2. Turn off the electronic shutter switch - high voltage start switch - Laser start switch in turn.

  3. Turn on the manual back fill button on the laser board when the turbine is stopped.

  4. The manual backfill light is red, the manual backfill light is off, and the recharge is over.

  5. Turn off the power of laser cutting machine - machine power - turn off the power of water chiller, air compressor and cold dryer.

  6. Turn off the working gas CO2, N2, he and O2 successively - turn off the air compressor and the cold dryer.

  7. Clean up the site and CNC machine tools.

  This is about the shutdown procedure of the laser cutting machine. Many people basically ignore the startup and shutdown of the equipment and think it is unnecessary to be so troublesome. In fact, the shutdown operation of reasonable steps can keep the equipment in good use performance and the use time is longer. If you don't follow the correct method, you will cause many unexpected problems.

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