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Setting of cutting speed of laser cutting machine

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  The faster the cutting speed of the metal laser cutting machine is, the higher the cutting efficiency is. But when we cut, we usually choose a suitable cutting speed to ensure the quality of the cutting workpiece. The laser gives you the following two conditions to reduce the speed.

  Condition: adopt transition lead method. Because of the small size, fast cutting speed, and the temperature before cooling, it is important to cut off the arc. The starting point and the end of the workpiece cutting are severely burned, and the irregular contour is difficult to meet the requirements of the size and the roughness of the cutting surface. Through the test, a single piece is combined, and multiple workpieces are cut at a time, and the transition method is used to process the drawing, and the starting point and the end point are overlapped. After thorough cutting Defects such as burning and melting of workpiece.

  Condition: cut the thick plate of more than 4mm. In the actual laser cutting process, master and understand several factors that affect the cutting quality, according to the carbon steel plate "high pressure and high speed, thick plate low pressure and low speed"; The principle of "low pressure and high speed for thin plate, high pressure and low speed for thick plate" for stainless steel and aluminum materials, and effective adjustment of process parameters, can process high-quality and high-precision steel structure parts, and give full play to the advantages of high efficiency and high precision in processing and cutting. leapion

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