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Quotation of sheet metal laser cutting machine

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The quotation of sheet metal laser cutting machine will vary greatly according to different power. Before introducing the quotation of sheet metal laser cutting machine, let's first introduce the sheet metal laser cutting machine, which is the laser cutting machine for cutting sheet metal.

Sheet metal laser cutting machine is widely used in the field of sheet metal processing. Its outstanding advantages are praised by everyone. Compared with other cutting methods, laser cutting machine has the following outstanding advantages:

1. The cutting speed is fast, generally more than ten times of the mechanical method. It is especially suitable for high speed cutting of medium and thin plates.

2. The cutting accuracy is fast, the width of the cutting seam is small, the minimum is 0.10 mm, generally within the range of 0.13-0.38 mm. It can precisely cut parts with complex shapes and sharp corners. The positioning accuracy of cutting can reach ± 0.1mm. The repeatability is 0.03mm.

3. The power density of laser cutting is very high, so the action time of laser cutting at one point is very short, the surrounding heat affected zone is very small, and the workpiece deformation is small.

4. The incision has good parallelism, small surface roughness and clean cutting edge.

5. It can greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost without touching tools.

6. Good flexibility. It can cut both plane workpiece and three-dimensional workpiece. You can start at any point and the cut can move in any direction.

7. It is easy to realize automatic control without tool wear loss.

8. Low voice and vibration, less environmental pollution.

9. It has wide processing adaptability. It can cut both metal plates and non-metal materials. It can also cut fragile materials and extremely soft and hard materials.

The price of a plate laser cutting machine ranges from 150000 to 800000. The specific price varies according to different brands, parameters and parts. However, if you want to buy a plate laser cutting machine, you must choose a brand, because after-sales service will be guaranteed. For example, Zhejiang lepaion laser, we have Zhejiang R & D and production center and production base There is a composite talent team covering laser light source & laser cutting head strategic resources, automation system integration, computer software, mechanical control and other fields.

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