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Methods to reduce the loss of fiber laser cutting machine

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  In the use of fiber laser cutting machine, in the premise of ensuring its cutting quality, we will do everything to reduce its loss. What is the way to reduce its loss? I think you are also curious. See the introduction below for specific methods.

  Before the fiber laser cutting machine is started, push the crossbeam forward and backward by hand, and the trolley moves left and right without any abnormal noise before power on. When finishing the work of the day, the waste and debris in the machine should be carefully cleaned, so that the moving system of the machine can not be damaged by the operation of foreign objects. Clean its moving parts to keep the machine in good working condition. The specific methods are as follows:

  1. Do not place objects in the machine to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine.

  2. Clean the dust and foreign matters on the metal tanker, metal shaft, sliding block and linear guide rail with cotton cloth, and then add lubricating oil, and carry out the reciprocating movement of empty line.

  3. Add a little lubricating oil to the screw, including the screw on the laser tube support and the first reflector, which can facilitate the disassembly and assembly during maintenance.

  Note: do not add lubricating oil to synchronous belt, drag chain, air pipe, motor, sensor, lens and wire.

  In fact, the most important way to reduce the loss of fiber laser cutting machine is to do a good job in its maintenance, for its moving parts, we should do a good job in lubrication.

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