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MAX:New technology of kW laser cutting carbon steel

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  The sheet metal industry is an industry closely related to our lives. Almost all manufacturing industries involve sheet metal processing, such as: electricity, machinery, equipment, textiles, electrical appliances, meters, sanitation, kitchens, automobiles, transportation, and so on.

  With the development of laser technology, laser processing technology has begun to be applied to sheet metal cutting. Fiber laser cutting has become the preferred method of sheet metal processing due to its high efficiency, flexibility, high precision, strong applicability, and material saving and money saving.

  As the head brand manufacturer of domestic fiber lasers, MAX Laser is not only committed to improving the technical level of domestic fiber lasers and promoting the development of my country's laser industry, but also investing a lot of manpower and material resources in laser processing technology and applications. , In order to improve the level of laser processing technology and expand more application areas.

MAX:New technology of kW laser cutting carbon steel

  In the early stage of ‘MAX 10000w China’, we brought users a new technology for cutting carbon steel with ten thousand watts. The cutting efficiency has been doubled and the cost has been drastically reduced, allowing users to improve efficiency and increase income, which has won unanimous praise.

  However, in addition to 10,000 watt users, MAX Laser also has a large number of kilowatt users. In order to let these users also enjoy the benefits of the new technology, MAX Laser Application Engineering Department has specially launched a single module 6000w as the research object. The new process of cutting kW carbon steel, taking 6000w cutting 10mm carbon steel as an example, the traditional process cutting, the mass production speed is 2.1m/min, and the cost is 0.3722 RMB/meter; while the new process can increase the cutting speed to 2.8m/min, the cost is reduced to 0.2792 RMB/meter, the efficiency is increased by 33.3%, the cost is reduced by 25%, and the section quality is very good.

  The output of carbon steel accounts for about 80% of the total steel output of various countries. It is not only widely used in construction, bridges, railways, vehicles, ships and various machinery manufacturing industries, but also in the modern petrochemical industry and marine industries.

  With the introduction of new infrastructure, the state will continue to increase investment in "intercity high-speed railway and intercity rail transit", which is the most basic infrastructure in the new infrastructure, and the corresponding steel consumption will also increase.

  The safety requirements of rail transit are extremely high, so there are strict requirements on the process technology used in its construction and manufacturing. As the most advanced processing technology in modern times, laser processing technology has become the most important manufacturing technology in the rail industry, which has greatly promoted the technological level of rail construction and rail vehicle manufacturing.

  The rail transit industry mainly includes two links: infrastructure construction and equipment manufacturing. In the process of infrastructure construction, two important auxiliary supporting structural components, embedded parts and prefabricated plates, need to be used, and the quality and accuracy of these two components are both affect the infrastructure construction of the railway directly.

  Embedded parts and prefabricated plates are mostly 10-40mm middle and rear metal plates. Traditional plasma cutting has high pollution, high energy consumption, large section taper, and poor accuracy. Fiber laser cutting can perfectly solve these problems.

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