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Laser cutting machine perfect processing cabinet

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  The laser cutting machine replaces the traditional machine knife as "beam", which has the advantages of fast cutting speed and smooth incision, and generally does not need post-processing. Laser cutting is suitable for almost all types of metal materials, whether it is simple or complex parts, can be precisely and rapidly formed at one time. The use of software drawing and cutting operations can not only eliminate the mold, realize product diversification, but also greatly reduce the consumption of mold.

  Advantages of shell cabinet processing of metal laser cutting machine:

  No contact processing, no direct impact of workpiece, no mechanical deformation

  In the process of laser cutting machine processing, there is no "tool" wear, cost saving, high energy density of laser beam, fast processing speed, local processing, no or very small impact on non laser irradiated parts, so its heat affected area is small, workpiece thermal deformation is small, it is also easy to guide, focus, direction conversion, easy to cooperate with numerical control system, processing complex workpiece, processing method is very flexible, High production efficiency, stable processing quality, high economic and social benefits.

  On the other hand, the samples cut by laser cutting machine are smooth and do not need secondary processing. It also helps sheet metal manufacturers to sell. Therefore, leapion laser cutting machine is applied to the cutting of cabinet.

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