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Laser cutting machine makes sheet metal processing easier!

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  Now some enterprises, in the production of related products, because they need to use fixed size workpieces, so they need laser processing, so now the laser cutting machine has been more widely used. And in many enterprises now, it also appears in the fiber laser cutting machine equipment, which can make people's cutting more simple. The reason for this is that such cutting machine equipment still has many advantages. In the way of cutting, mainly through the laser to cut, so in the cutting speed, the cutting surface, are quite good, so can cut faster, but also can ensure that the current cutting surface is smooth.

  The cutting machine is indeed widely used in traditional industrial production and life, but with the promotion of industrialization, the traditional cutting machine has been eliminated for the start of various intelligent equipment applications. When the fiber laser cutting machine is cutting, the cutting accuracy can be accurate to ± 0.05mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy can be less than 0.03mm, which represents the cutting precision The degree can reach a relatively high standard, which can not only make the cutting surface more beautiful, but also make the focus reach a higher power density, so that the waste of materials can be avoided naturally, and the cutting machine is relatively narrow, so it can improve the aesthetics, and also make the use effect better.

  By using the optical fiber laser cutting machine, not only can the material be saved and the work efficiency be improved, but also can ensure that when the work is carried out, the damage to the workpiece can be avoided. The laser cutting head has a high accuracy, and the cutting speed is very fast, so when it is connected with the workpiece surface, it can ensure that the workpiece will not be scratched and the whole processing experience can be improved It can maximize the utilization of materials and make the cutting effect of products better.

  Fiber laser cutting machine has less processing waste, high precision and efficiency in the process of work, and can achieve clean and pollution-free use effect, to ensure that there will be no pollution, so it is widely used in our daily work and life, and can greatly improve our working environment, and also can control the processing cost.

  The laser cutting machine adopts the gantry structure, the double side gear rack synchronous drive, the crossbeam adopts the high-strength cast aluminum alloy, equipped with the patented horizontal compensation mechanism; it has the characteristics of no disorder structure, good rigidity and high dynamic response.

  Higher cutting speed, especially for sheet materials. Laser cutting machine has no cutting force, no deformation in processing, no tool wear, good data compliance; it can be cut by laser once fine rapid prototyping, no matter simple or complex parts; its cutting seam is narrow, cutting quality is good, automation level is high, operation is simple, labor intensity is low, no pollution; It can complete cutting automatic layout and nesting, improve the data application rate, low consumption cost and good economic efficiency.

  Not only that, now this kind of equipment can really solve the problem of cutting some workpieces. Because some cutting machine equipment, for some metal workpiece, there is no way to cut, but such equipment, is able to cut for metal workpiece, can solve the cutting problem.

  Now the fiber laser cutting machine equipment is able to make the cutting more simple. For some enterprises in need, it can also solve the cutting problems through such equipment. Now, some enterprises do not need to worry about the problem of workpiece cutting any more, so they can use such equipment to complete the relevant cutting work, and become the cutting equipment worthy of the attention of enterprises.

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