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Is there any defect on the surface of laser cutting products?

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  Now the metal laser cutting machine has slowly entered the majority of manufacturers, many laser cutting problems are also increasing, let me give you a brief analysis.

  The main reason of burr in sheet metal processing by laser cutting machine; when the laser cutting machine is processing products, the high energy produced by laser beam on the product surface makes the product surface vaporize rapidly and evaporate, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. But one key point we have to pay attention to is "auxiliary gas". Auxiliary gas is used to blow off the slag on the surface of the product when the product is irradiated and vaporized during our laser cutting. (PS: there are other uses, of course). That is to say, if auxiliary gas is not used, the cooled slag will form the burr attached to the cutting surface, which is the main reason for the formation of the burr.

  There are other reasons that are parameter setting factors. When customers purchase laser cutting machines, they must have professional operators to debug the equipment. If there is no problem above, then we can really doubt the quality of the laser cutting machine.

  The solution to the burr of the metal plate processed by laser cutting machine;

  1. Be sure to equip air compressor and use auxiliary gas (oxygen, nitrogen) for cutting.

  2. Find a professional operator to adjust the parameters of leapion laser cutting machine until it is normal.

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