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In what industries is the handheld laser welding machine suitable for use?

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  In what industries is the handheld laser welding machine suitable for use? With the advent of handheld laser welding machines, there is an additional choice for everyone when purchasing a welding machine, but it also brings more difficulties. For the laser welding machine, everyone may stay in the old-fashioned welding process, so that when buying a welding machine, we always wander between the old-fashioned welding machine and the laser welding machine and do not know how to choose. The reason why people are so hesitant is because they do n’t know enough about laser welding machines. Some people will ask what products can be welded by laser welding machines? What are the application industries of laser welding machine "and so on.

Laser welding is the use of high-energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in a small area, laser The radiated energy is diffused into the material through thermal conduction to melt the material to form a specific molten pool. It is a new type of welding method, mainly for the welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts, which can realize spot welding, butt welding and stack welding. , Sealed welding, etc., high aspect ratio, small weld width, small heat affected zone, small deformation, fast welding speed, smooth and beautiful weld, no or simple treatment after welding, high quality and accurate welding seam Control, high positioning accuracy, easy to realize automation. Industry application of laser welding machine involves the following industries: Sanitary industry: welding of water pipe joints, reducing joints, tees, valves, showers. Medical industry: medical appliances, medical equipment Welding of stainless steel seals and structural parts. Hardware industry: welding of impellers, kettles, handles, etc., complex stamping parts and castings. Automotive industry: hair Machine cylinder head gasket, hydraulic tappet sealing welding, spark plug welding, filter welding, etc.

Household hardware, kitchenware and sanitary ware, stainless steel door handles, electronic components, sensors, watches, precision machinery, communications, crafts and other industries, automobiles Welding of products with high strength such as hydraulic tappets.

Laser welding machine equipment is almost used in these industries. The advantages of laser welding machines are energy concentration, No pollution, small solder joints, wide weldable materials, high applicability, high efficiency and high speed welding, etc. At the same time, products with the following requirements are also suitable for laser welding. 1. Products requiring welding seams are used for products requiring welding seams. Laser welding equipment not only has small weld seams, but also does not require solder. 2. Products at room temperature or special conditions can be welded at room temperature or special conditions. Laser welding equipment is easy to install. For example, the laser beam passes through an electromagnetic field, and the beam will not Offset; laser can be welded in vacuum, air and some gas environment. 3. Some hard-to-access parts need to use laser Welding equipment

can weld hard-to-access parts and implement non-contact long-distance welding, which has great sensitivity. Especially in recent years, the fiber transmission technology has been adopted in the YAG laser processing technology, which has achieved laser welding technology. More universal implementation and application.

Lepaion laser produced a new generation of handheld laser welding machine, compact and beautiful, easy to move, flexible and light, can achieve any welding , The product can be widely used in the processing and welding of household appliances, furniture, kitchen utensils, bathroom, hardware, lighting, door and window guardrails, etc., suitable for welding stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy materials, welcome to visit the factory! More information

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