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Important process of layout of fiber laser cutting machine

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  efore using the optical fiber laser cutting machine, it is necessary to import the designed drawings into the program, and then use the layout software to lay out the drawings on the board, so that the metal laser cutting machine can process the products in batches. The layout is an important process in the optical fiber laser cutting machine. If the layout is not correct, it will not only reduce the working efficiency, waste the effect of processing materials, but also directly Affect the cutting effect of the whole processing material.

  So, what are the important processes of the layout of fiber laser cutting machine? What are the key points of fiber cutting machine layout?

  1. Corner melting: when cutting corners, it is necessary to reduce the cutting speed, reduce the cutting radius, maintain the high cutting speed, avoid the melting phenomenon of steel plate caused by long cutting time, so as to obtain good cutting quality, reduce cutting time and improve productivity.

  2. Distance between parts: Generally speaking, the distance between the plate and the hot plate is large, because the heat effect of the plate is large, it is easy to burn the edge and affect the cutting quality when the cutting angle and size are small.

  3. Lead setting: in the process of cutting thick plate with laser cutting machine, in order to make the cutting seam well connected and prevent burn at the beginning and end of cutting, transition line, namely wire and tail line, is often introduced at the beginning and end of cutting.

  4. Coplanar cutting: it is composed of two or more parts, with as many regular figures as possible. Coplanar cutting can greatly shorten cutting time and save raw materials.

  5. Collision of parts: in order to maximize production efficiency, many laser cutting equipment operate continuously for 24 hours, using unmanned automatic loading and unloading device, damaging cutting head and interrupting production.

  6. Surplus material treatment: after the laser cutting machine finishes cutting parts, it is necessary to remove the skeleton residues on the working table of the laser cutting equipment as soon as possible, so as to facilitate the subsequent cutting operation. For the laser cutting equipment without automatic discharge device, the skeleton material can be cut into small pieces for quick removal.

  The above is the layout of the fiber laser cutting machine of the leapion laser. More laser cutting knowledge is available on the official website of the leapion laser.

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