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How to solve the problem of abnormal reset of metal laser cutting machine?

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  Laser cutting machine is a common processing equipment in modern times. There are always some headache problems in the use process, especially the abnormal reset of laser cutting machine. This is also a problem that everyone is concerned about. Here is a brief introduction to the solution of abnormal reset of laser cutting machine.

  How to solve the problem of abnormal reset?

  1. Check whether the sensor is stained with dust, poor contact or damaged (wipe the dust on the sensor or replace it);

  2. Check whether the data line of flexible guide belt is in poor contact or damaged (trim the data line and plug it again or replace the data line);

  3. Check whether the ground wire contact is reliable or the high-voltage wire is damaged (re ground or replace the high-voltage wire);

  4. The motor wire is in poor contact.

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  The omission and initialization of the laser cutting machine are not correct, and the data has been sent (corrected); the operation sequence is reversed (re input); the electrostatic interference (check whether the ground wire falls off); the cleaning hook is misplaced and not closed, check whether the software parameters are set correctly (re set); the computer system is wrong (re install the operating system and software); Check whether the left and right belts are in the same tightness or the rear belt is too loose (belt tightening); check whether the belt or synchronous wheel slips or trips (tighten the synchronous wheel or belt); check whether the beam is parallel (readjust the left and right belts).

  What are the methods of laser perforation of laser cutting machine?

  At present, as a new tool, laser cutting machine equipment is more and more mature used in various industries. So how does laser cutting machine use laser to perforate? Generally, a small hole must be pierced on the plate. In the earlier laser cutting machine, a punch was used to punch a hole first, and then the laser was used to start cutting from the small hole.

  For the laser cutting machine of the pressure charging device, the laser perforation method is mainly embodied in the following two aspects

  1. Pulse perforation: the pulse laser with peak power is used to melt or vaporize a small amount of materials. Air or nitrogen is often used as auxiliary gas to reduce the expansion of holes due to exothermic oxidation. The gas pressure is smaller than the oxygen pressure during cutting. Each pulse laser produces only a small jet of particles, which gradually deepens, so it takes a few seconds for a thick plate to pierce. Once the perforation is completed, the auxiliary gas is immediately replaced with oxygen for cutting. In this way, the hole diameter is smaller and the hole quality is better than the blasting hole. The laser used for this purpose should not only have higher output power, but also have more important time and space characteristics of time beam, so the general cross flow CO2 laser can not meet the requirements of laser cutting. In addition, a more reliable gas control system is needed to realize the switching of gas type, gas pressure and the control of perforation time.

  2. Blasting perforation: after the material is irradiated by a continuous laser, a pit is formed in the center, and then the molten material is quickly removed by an oxygen flow coaxial with the laser beam to form a hole.

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