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How to install the lens of laser cutting machine correctly

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  Laser cutting is a high-precision mechanical equipment, which requires stricter requirements during use. Among them, a very critical component that affects the laser cutting effect is the installation of the laser cutting machine lens. If this component is not installed in accordance with the prescribed steps, it is easy to cause The cutting center deviation or even the cutting machine groove edge misalignment. So what aspects should be paid attention to when installing the laser cutting machine lens?

  One step: Please wash your hands before operation. It is best to wash your hands with soap or detergent. This is a good habit for normal operation of the cutter lens. Do not directly touch the lens with your bare hands. Wear special gloves to prevent fingerprints from being left on the lens to affect accuracy.

  Step 2: When placing the lens, you should pay attention to it stably to prevent it from falling and being damaged. At the same time, pay attention to the convex surface of the lens and place it flat on a stable and clean table. At the same time, check that there is no debris on the desktop to avoid confusion or affect the operating environment of the lens.

  Three steps: Beware of moisture on the lens of the laser cutting machine, and you can't use the traditional blowing method to wipe the lens, and you can't use hot air to blow on the lens to avoid thermal sudden changes and damage the lens. The lens is of high precision, temperature and humidity are strictly controlled, so as not to affect the lens surface protective film and optical accuracy.

  Four steps: After the laser cutting machine lens is assembled, pay attention to the cleaning and dust removal of the lens. It is best to use a clean air spray gun to clean it, not an ordinary spray gun.

  Five steps: The lens of the cutter must be kept absolutely clean, and do not touch the surface of the lens directly with your hands, and strictly prevent other non-designated items from directly contacting the surface of the lens. In the cleaning and maintenance of the lens, use a professional wipe paper to gently pull it from side to side to avoid scratching the surface of the lens.

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