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How to deal with the dust in the metal fiber laser cutting machine

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  Metal fiber laser cutting machine factory tutor you to deal with the dust in the equipment correctly

  Metal optical fiber laser cutting machine is a common processing equipment in sheet metal processing enterprises. Optical fiber cutting machine can be used to process a variety of metal materials, which is widely recognized by customers and friends. It is more and more popular in the market and is gradually replacing the traditional processing equipment. When purchasing metal laser cutting machine, we must know our own needs, not only need to know the processing thickness required for cutting materials, but also need to choose from the aspects of production and processing effect and cost saving. At present, the selection of fiber laser cutting machine can be widely used in all walks of life. It can be used to process all kinds of metal plates or pipes, such as chassis or mass production of a complete set of metal equipment accessories.

  However, with the increasing number of metal fiber laser cutting machine equipment, in the daily use process, inevitably will produce a large number of dust, a long time, dust deposition in the equipment, in order to better maintain and maintain the machine, but also does not affect the processing effect of the machine, how to remove the dust in the equipment?

  Leapion laser, the manufacturer of optical fiber laser cutting machine, teaches you the following steps to easily deal with the pollutants in the equipment:

  1. First of all, the dust on the metal laser cutting machine is not afraid of water and can be cleaned in any way. However, it is not recommended to directly clean the dust in the equipment. Improper cleaning is easy to scratch the laser head, which will lead to the inaccuracy of reading and writing data laser positioning.

  2. Secondly, as long as the dust does not fall on the surface of the laser head, the safest way is to use a balloon (a tool for cleaning digital dust prevention, very cheap) to blow the dust off the laser head of the metal laser cutting machine.

  3. In addition, special attention shall be paid to cooling water and clean water tank (clean and replace circulating water tank weekly).

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