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​How to deal with the collision plate of the cutting head of the laser cutting machine?

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  Cutting head plate is one of the most common failures of laser cutting machine, whether it is fiber laser cutting machine or solid laser cutting machine will encounter in the use process. But this fault is generally easy to solve. The laser cutting head is unstable, and the collision plate or follow-up distance is not correct. Generally, it is caused by replacing the cutting nozzle, overheating of the cutting nozzle, and unequal parameters. In any case, in the final analysis, the capacitance value of the servo head changes, which affects the stability of the laser cutting head. This article will explain this problem in detail for you, let's get to know it together.

  The laser cutting head is unstable in the laser cutting machine. Re measure the capacitance value and save the parameters. Summarize the following experience, analyze how to solve this problem when the equipment occurs: the laser cutting head is normal after hitting the plate. This situation is generally a parameter problem, which can reduce the upper limit and lower limit of the laser cutting head in the same proportion, and the laser cutting head will follow normally; the laser cutting head follow distance is too high. Open the following head debugging software, observe whether the following distance is set correctly; adjust the upper limit value and lower limit value of the cutting head, increase in the same proportion, and test to the appropriate value; during the cutting process, the laser cutting head suddenly rises automatically. In this case, stop the laser operation and observe whether the copper nozzle of the follower is heated. If the heating indicates that the laser optical path is not correct, which causes the copper nozzle to overheat and the capacitance changes. The problem can be solved by adjusting the light path.leapion

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