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How to deal with the burning phenomenon of metal laser cutting machine?

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  As we all know, a lot of heat will be produced in the process of processing sheet metal by fiber laser cutting machine If the heat can not be spread to the air quickly, it will lead to edge burning. For example, when the metal laser cutting machine is punching, due to the small space in which the heat can diffuse and the heat is too concentrated, the workpiece temperature is too high, resulting in the edge residue. In addition, in the process of thick plate processing, the accumulation of metal melt and heat on the surface of the material, coupled with the insufficient flow of auxiliary air, will lead to the heat can not be separated out, which will lead to excessive combustion and edge burning of the metal plate.

  So how to solve the problem of metal laser cutting machine burning and residue?

  The main idea to deal with the problem of punching and edge burning of carbon steel is how to prevent the influence of oxidation reaction heat. This method can be used to use auxiliary gas to delay the power switch to release air or nitrogen for laser cutting at the end of oxygen punching. This method can deal with 1 / 6 of the thickness of the plate punch.

  Low frequency pulse cutting conditions and peak output power conditions have the characteristics of reducing thermal output, which can optimize the cutting conditions. This condition is set as single pulse laser beam with high peak output, high energy intensity and low frequency, which can reduce the accumulation and thermal output of molten metal on the material surface.

  To sum up, the way to deal with the phenomenon of metal laser cutting machine edge burning is to increase the working pressure of auxiliary gas, set the maximum output and low-frequency pulse standard. When the auxiliary gas is used in the air, it will not burn excessively as well as generate residue at the bottom as when nitrogen is used.

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