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How much you know fiber laser cutting machine?

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Fiber laser cutting machine principles:

fiber laser is to dope the pump material into the fiber. After the combination of special wavelength laser (which is emitted by the semiconductor laser ), the fiber will generate laser light, and focus on the work piece’s surface , so that the area irradiated by the light spot melts and vaporizes at that moment. The engineers will realize automatic drilling by moving the irradiation position of the light spot through the computer-controlled. That is a high-tech equipment integrating laser technology!


Main characteristics:

(1) High tech fiber laser source has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, stable performance, and long life span Up to 100,000 hours;

(2) The whole cutting process only needs air,nitrogen or oxygen, and no need to adjust the optical path, very stable.

(3) The laser is transmitted by optical fiber, no need any lens, this can save much maintenance costs;

(4) Compared with other medium laser equipment, fiber laser cutting machine has a smaller focused spot and higher working efficiency. Better processing quality;


Main advantages:

(1) High precision, fast speed, narrow cutting seam. Cutting surface is very smooth.

(2) Laser cutting head not touch the surface of the material, this ensure the materials all in good condition;

(3) The slit is the narrowest, no mechanical deformation;


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