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How much is the price of laser cutting machine in 2020

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  How much is the price of laser cutting machine in 2020? Many friends who plan to buy equipment are more concerned recently. In this year, the application range of laser in different fields is gradually deepening. In the traditional processing and manufacturing industry, more and more laser cutting technology is used for processing, among which the fiber laser cutting machine is the most widely used.

  With the expansion of the industry, the competition is more intense. It can be predicted that in 2020, the demand and supply of laser cutting machine will increase. What new trends will the price of fiber laser cutting machine present in 2020?

  How much is the price of laser cutting machine in 2020

  In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic laser cutting machine industry, the situation of relying on import has improved, and the relationship between supply and demand has also changed. The supply side market is obviously larger than the demand side market, and the market competition has entered the white hot stage.

  But throughout the laser cutting machine market, there is a very special phenomenon: the best-selling products are often not the lowest price brand. It is the primary stage of competition to improve brand competitiveness by reducing production costs, because to a certain extent, production costs can not be infinitely compressed. To really reduce the price of laser cutting machine, we have to start from other aspects.

  The core component of laser cutting machine is laser, which is also the most important part of the price of laser cutting machine. For a long time, China's high-power laser cutting machine equipment, relying on imported technology, pure assembly production, the core components of people, laser cutting machine expensive, long supply cycle, resulting in the high price of laser cutting machine.

  At present, most of the low-power fiber lasers have been occupied by domestic manufacturers, and the market share is as high as 85%. After the domestic production of low-power fiber lasers in 2010-2015, the cost of low-power lasers dropped by more than 50%. In recent years, domestic manufacturers in the medium power fiber laser market have made technological breakthroughs and greatly increased their market share. In 2016, the sales volume exceeded the import for the first time.

  It is not difficult to see whether the price of laser cutting machine can be reduced or not, and how much the decline is largely determined by whether the application of domestic laser can be popularized and gradually replace the imported laser.

  Broll can match domestic and imported lasers according to the user's choice

  The price of high-power fiber laser will be significantly reduced and the cost will be reduced, which will drive the price of laser cutting machine down. At the same time, domestic equipment manufacturers will seize the market of foreign equipment manufacturers in the field of traditional heavy industry.

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