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How much can I buy a laser machine

Views:21     Author:heyu     Publish Time: 06-10-2020      Origin:fiber laser cutting machine Inquire

  With the increasing recognition of laser pipe cutting machine, the application of automatic laser pipe cutting machine is also very wide. The traditional processing methods are flame cutting, plasma cutting and manual sawing These cutting methods can meet the requirements of people in the early 21st century. With the increasing demands of people, the traditional cutting methods can not meet the requirements of customers for products, so the fiber laser cutting machine came into being.

  Laser cutting machine cutting surface smooth, do not need to polish, high efficiency, but how about the price? This problem is more concerned by people. Here is a brief introduction to the main factors affecting the price:

  1. Power

  The size of power is an important factor affecting the price. The higher the power is, the more expensive the price is

  2. Configuration

  The machine configuration is different, and the price is also different. The higher the configuration is, the higher the price is

  3. Process

  Each manufacturer's bed technology, sheet metal technology and assembly technology are different. Each technology is developed by the R & D team after several experiments. The more sophisticated the technology, the higher the price of the equipment

  4. Brand

  Brand is also an important factor influencing the price comparison. Various input costs with great brand influence are relatively high, and the price will be reflected

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