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High power fiber laser cutting machine is the inevitable trend of the times!

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  Since the advent of metal fiber laser cutting machine, the market demand of optical fiber cutting machine has been in a state of short supply in sheet metal processing industry.

  With the increasing requirements of the fiber laser cutting machine market, from 3000W to 8000w, the fiber laser cutting machine used to look like a CNC machine tool, and now the output power surrounding 8000w has exceeded the original imagination!

  Fiber laser cutting machine with flexible processing range, powerful cutting penetration and high processing efficiency has become a representative of the field of sheet metal cutting. In the future, more and more enterprises will enter the wave of 10000 watt laser cutting machine. The market of 10000 watt laser cutting machine will break out. Speculation or actual market demand?

  What is the market demand of the fiber laser cutting machine with 10000 watt power?

  According to the data in the past few years, the speed of 3KW laser cutting machine has increased by nearly 400% in 8mm stainless steel plate. In 20 mm thick stainless steel, the speed of 12 kilowatts is 114% higher than that of 10 kilowatts!

  In terms of economic benefits, the price of 1000W laser cutting machine is higher than that of 6kW machine tool by 40%, but the bit time output efficiency is about twice that of 6kW machine tool.

  In addition, 10kW fiber laser cutting can maintain 182mm / s surface cutting in the use of carbon steel cutting, is twice the standard cutting rate!

  If you want lower cost and higher efficiency, you must first use the 10000 watt fiber laser cutting machine. Thus, the market demand for wanwa laser cutting machine will continue to increase!

  High power fiber cutting machine era is the inevitable trend!

  In 2012, fiber laser cutting technology appeared for the first time. Up to now, 10000W fiber laser cutting machine has started its market. Chinese laser cutting machine manufacturers have followed the improvement of laser cutting output power, developed and designed high-power laser cutting processing in a short time, and promoted the arrival of high-power period in China's laser cutting sales market!

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