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Ground wire of laser cutting machine and protective measures against electric leakage

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  Because laser cutting machine has high power laser, power converter and sensors such as electromagnetic filter, all these parts can produce electromagnetic interference to a certain extent.

  In order to ensure the stability of the equipment and minimize the electromagnetic interference, and to avoid a series of faults caused by these disturbances, the laser cutting machine manufacturer requires the enterprise to meet the following requirements:

  1、 The voltage is 220V. If the voltage is out of range or unstable, a stabilizer shall be installed;

  2、 The power socket must follow the standard standard of live wire, zero wire and ground wire;

  3、 Provide the following reliable grounding measures:

  (1) First, find the wetland around the house, dig a 1.5 × 3 square meter deep pit, then insert 1500mm angle steel into the soil, connect the conductive elements around the screws with 330mm flat iron or 8mm screws by electric welding, tighten the nuts and bury them firmly, and the exposed part shall be 2m higher than the ground.

  (2) After the completion of grounding, use the instrument to measure the resistance of the grounding wire is less than 5 ohms.

  (3) Use resistance measurement, use 2.5 filament head on the ground, and the socket connected to the ground is required by other end users' electrical equipment.

  (4) Replace the common leakage protector with a larger leakage protector.

  (5) Install the leakage free short circuit protector.

  (6) Install the transformer in the power house.

  4、 If the power of large fan and cooler is greater than 750W, a separate socket shall be used for power supply.

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