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Eye protection measures for laser cutting machine

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  Metal laser cutting machine has become the mainstream processing equipment

  In recent years, optical fiber laser cutting machine has become a new favorite of metal material processing industry. The improvement of cutting technology has greatly promoted the transformation and upgrading of domestic industrial technology. Metal laser cutting machine equipment is gradually widely used, which has different degrees of impact on all walks of life. In the absence of professional training, we must pay attention to our own protection when operating laser cutting machine Knowledge, especially eye protection.

  When we operate the metal laser cutting machine every day, what measures should we take? The protective equipment of the metal laser cutting machine is usually the laser protective mirror to prevent the laser from causing harm to the human eye. Of course, the manufacturer will filter and protect the laser radiation wave of metal laser cutting machine to maintain the laser of metal laser cutting machine to human body.

  At the same time, for the metal laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine, the radiation to the workers is particularly important in the actual operation control, especially the damage to the eyes. Here are some common sense about eye protection:

  1. When the lenses of eyes, goggles or working caps sink, please replace them immediately.

  2. When arranging the cutting site, the following measures (solution of problem pointer) can be taken to reduce the reflection or radiation of ultraviolet rays: darken the wall finish of the working site to reduce the radiation; install protective screen or curtain to reduce the ultraviolet radiation. Laser cutting mechanism manufacturers focus the laser from the laser into a high power density laser beam through the optical path system.

  3. According to national or local laws and regulations, wear dark eyes or goggles with protective layer or welding work cap to protect eyes from the strong light of flame, ultraviolet and infrared ray of plasma arc.

  4. Please do not look directly at the arc or flame when cutting.

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