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Do you know the details of fiber laser cutting machine?

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  Metal laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine using fiber laser generator as light source. Fiber laser is a newly developed new type of fiber laser, which outputs high energy density laser beam and concentrates on the surface of the workpiece, which makes the area on the workpiece illuminated by the ultra-fine focal spot melt and gasify instantaneously. By moving the irradiation position of the spot through the numerical control system, the automatic cutting of non-contact machining can be realized with high speed and precision.

  However, the metal laser cutting machine is not omnipotent, we should pay attention to its own limitations, such as the limitation of material properties, strict processing specifications and so on.

  Let's talk about the processing category of fiber laser cutting machine. Before the fiber laser cutting machine, it mainly belongs to the processing category of metal laser cutting machine, so it mainly cuts metal, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized plate, aluminum zinc plate, and other metal plates and pipes.

  Secondly, the optical fiber laser cutting machine is not recommended to cut aluminum, copper and other rare metal materials for a long time, because these materials are high reflective materials (Note: high reflective has little to do with the smoothness of the cutting surface of the plate, mainly because the wavelength of the laser is not within the ideal absorption range of these materials, the absorption effect is not good, most of the energy is reflected back, easy to damage the front of the laser head The long-term use effect is not good, and the consumption of consumables will be increased. According to the different power of the fiber laser cutting machine, the cutting thickness also changes, the greater the power is, the greater the cutting thickness; the thinner the metal material is, the faster the cutting speed is, and the advantages of the fiber laser cutting machine for cutting thin plates are very obvious.

  Let's talk about the processing specifications of fiber laser cutting machine. Because the current price of fiber laser cutting machine in China is not very "people-friendly", it is necessary to often process and maintain the machinery in the process of use, so as to extend the service life of the machinery and greatly improve the working efficiency of the equipment.

  First of all, check the steel belt frequently. The steel belt plays a very important role in the operation of the laser cutting machine. When the equipment is running, it needs to ensure the tension of the steel belt. Otherwise, once there is a problem in the operation, it is likely to hurt people and even threaten the personal safety of the staff. Steel belt seems to be just a small thing, but once there is a problem, it will seriously affect the safety of production. Secondly, because the laser cutting machine will directly vaporize the metal surface when cutting, so that a lot of dust will often be generated on the surface and inside of the cutting machine, we should often use a vacuum cleaner to suck out these dust, so as to ensure that the internal parts of the machine are spotless and can effectively maintain the normal operation between parts. In addition, the rack, guide rail and many parts of the cutting machine need to be lubricated from time to time, so as to stabilize the accuracy of gear engagement during operation. So that the operation of the machine is always in the normal operation track, and the accuracy of the cut products is certainly higher.

  At the same time of daily maintenance of equipment, strict inspection should be carried out when purchasing equipment and its parts, which can fundamentally ensure the normal production of machinery. At the same time, if any parts are damaged during the use of the machine, they should be replaced in time, which is not only a protection of the machine itself, but also can ensure that the laser cutting machine always maintains an ideal cutting effect. More information

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