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Decrypting the quotation of laser cutting equipment

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  It's not until a long time after you buy the machine that you may realize that you shouldn't have bought the laser cutting equipment with frequent problems. You don't know, in fact, there are many holes in the price of laser cutting equipment. You will see the same machine, but the price is very different. What factors lead to such a big gap in the quotation of laser cutting equipment?

  1. Laser: This is the heart of laser cutting equipment. It is one of the important factors affecting the quotation of laser cutting equipment. It is divided into imported and domestic. Because the price of imported laser tubes is expensive, they are usually tens of thousands of yuan and hundreds of thousands, while the domestic ones are much cheaper. The difference between them is the length of use and the quality of the laser. Some laser cutting equipment manufacturers sell the price of imported equipment with domestic equipment, which is very easy to deceive people who don't know how to do it. In addition, the higher the laser power is, the more expensive the price is. If the price of low power is compared with that of high power, the price gap will be large.

  2. Mechanical assembly quality: in order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers use very thin iron sheet to make the machine shell, but when quoting the laser cutting equipment, they do not specially point out that the user generally can not see it, but after a long time, the frame will deform, affecting the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting equipment. Good laser cutting equipment should be made of frame structure, welded with high-quality section steel, and shell made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. When the user purchases the machine, he can find out whether the quality is good or not by using the frame structure and the thickness and strength of the casing iron sheet.

  3. Stepper motor: it is related to the cutting accuracy of laser cutting equipment. Some manufacturers choose imported stepper motor, some are joint venture manufacturers' stepper motor, some are brand motors. I think you have no idea about the rate of these machines, as do most customers.

  There are also parts such as galvanometer, chiller and laser head included in the quotation of laser cutting machine equipment. No more details here. It's too difficult and unnecessary to understand them one by one. The best way to avoid falling is to choose famous brands in the industry. Their prices are more transparent, their quality is more guaranteed, and their service quality is better. This is also one of the factors affecting the price Think about if you buy hundreds of thousands of laser cutting machine a day, but you can't get a strong after-sales service guarantee from the manufacturer, then you can only go to other manufacturers for maintenance at a higher cost. Isn't it falling into the pit again.leapion

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