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Cost performance of different laser cutting machines

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  Different configurations and models of optical fiber cutting machine equipment are suitable for different processing fields. Consumers need to choose their own optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment according to the cutting effect they need.

  Let's take a look at the cost comparison of different configurations of laser cutting machine equipment in production:

  Different types of laser cutting machine equipment have different prices, the cheap CO2 laser cutting machine may only need tens of thousands of yuan, if it is 10kW fiber laser cutting machine now also needs more than one million yuan. Laser cutting does not consume materials, but the equipment investment cost is the highest in all cutting methods, and the maintenance cost is quite high.

  Plasma cutting machine is much cheaper than laser cutting machine. According to the power and brand of plasma cutting machine, the price is different, but its use cost is high, and it can only process conductive materials.

  The cost of water cutting equipment is second only to plasma cutting, with high energy consumption, high maintenance cost and low cutting speed, because all abrasives are disposable. Once discharged into the nature, the environmental pollution is very serious.

  Wire cutting is usually about tens of thousands of yuan. But cutting is a consumable, molybdenum wire, cutting coolant and so on all need more cost. There are two kinds of wire for wire cutting, one is molybdenum wire (molybdenum wire is expensive), which has the advantage that molybdenum wire can be used repeatedly; the other is copper wire (cheaper than molybdenum wire), which is used in slow-moving equipment, and the disadvantage is that copper wire can only be used once. In addition, the fast-moving wire machine is much cheaper than the slow-moving wire machine. The price of the slow-moving wire is equal to 5,6 times of the fast-moving wire.

  The equipment of leapion laser cutting machine is more cost-effective and forward-looking:

  1. At present, the sales market is the popular optical fiber laser cutting machine. Carbon dioxide laser cutting machine is gradually replaced because of its high energy consumption, but it is also a hot market in the processing industry of non-metallic materials.

  2. The core technology required by laser cutting machine is also being popularized in the world, and the price of low output power section of optical fiber equipment is declining.

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