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Causes of problems in laser cutting

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  When laser cutting low carbon steel, abnormal sparks will affect the quality of cutting section finish. At this time, when other parameters are normal, the following conditions shall be considered: the loss of nozzel of laser head nozzle, and the nozzle shall be replaced in time. In case of no replacement of new nozzle, increase the pressure of cutting gas; the thread at the connection between nozzle and laser head is loose. At this time, the cutting shall be suspended immediately, the connection state of the laser head shall be checked, and the thread shall be re screwed.

  The reason for the deformation of small holes in laser cutting is that the machine tool (high-power laser cutting) does not adopt the way of blasting and perforating, but uses the way of pulse perforating (soft puncture), which makes the laser energy too concentrated in a small area and scorches the non processing area, causing the deformation of holes and affecting the processing quality. At this time, we should change the way of pulse perforation (soft puncture) to the way of blasting perforation (ordinary puncture) in the processing procedure to solve the problem. However, for the laser cutting with lower power, it is just the opposite. In order to obtain a better surface finish, the way of pulse perforation should be adopted.

  Therefore, in the use of laser cutting, we should choose different ways of perforation according to different power.

  Laser cutting is the thermal energy generated by the laser transmitter, which melts the metal materials to realize laser cutting. The so-called radiation, if there is light, there is radiation, but the radiation energy is strong or weak. According to the wave particle duality of light, there is radiation, but compared with the radiation from the flame combustion, the intensity of energy radiation is similar. It's not very harmful to human body. Don't worry. Ningbo laser cutting, Cixi laser cutting, Shaoxing laser cutting. leapion

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