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Causes of burr in laser cutting carbon steel

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  When laser cutting carbon steel, burr appears at the bottom of the cutting surface

  1. Focus issues. The focus position of the laser is not correct. This problem can be solved by adjusting the focus.

  2. Laser output power. First of all, check whether the laser is normal. On the premise of confirming the normal operation of the laser, further check whether the output power of the laser matches the required power of the plate. If not, it needs to be adjusted.

  3. Cutting speed. Cutting speed is too slow will also cause burr at the bottom of the cutting surface, at this time, it is necessary to speed up the cutting speed.

  4. Gas problem. The purity of the gas can also affect the quality of cutting, when the gas purity is not enough, there will be such a problem, it is necessary to replace the gas with higher purity for cutting.

  5. Working time of carbon steel laser cutting machine. When the machine works continuously for more than a certain period of time, such problems may also occur. At this time, you need to restart the machine to try.

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