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Can metal lamps play like this?

Views:6454     Author:heyu     Publish Time: 02-06-2020      Origin:Site Inquire

  Metal laser cutting machine is more and more widely used in home decoration. In addition to our common metal furniture, metal screens and metal railings, designers also give full play to their creativity and use the aluminum plate processed by metal laser cutting machine to create a strip lamp completely different from the traditional round style lamps.

  This strip lamp is composed of 370 aluminum plates processed by laser cutting machine and connected by brass tubes. It is one of the creative designs of a restaurant, hanging above the bar. The integrated brass joist stretches along the background wall of the bar, and the 30 foot long original steel structure is fixed on the column, providing display space for more than 100 bottles of sake and Japanese whisky.

  The strip lamp creates a completely different lighting effect from the round lamp, which complements the display in the dining room. The broken walls in the building show the historical imprint. The design of modern sense collides with the tradition and produces a unique aesthetic feeling.

  In the interior design, the flexible processing characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine provide more space for metal processing. Due to its light texture, aluminum plate is more widely used in decoration design than iron plate. Nowadays, most of the popular metal home furnishings are made of aluminum plate, with wood grain appearance, which ensures the beauty and avoids the problems of perishable and air pollution existing in traditional wood furniture. leapion

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