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Can laser cutting machine cut coated sheet?

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  Many metal materials need special treatment if they want to maintain their integrity. Otherwise, they are easy to get scratches in many transportation projects. For machining parts with high material requirements, such a problem is very difficult. Therefore, many metal materials are covered with film. Metal lamination can ensure that the friction damage of raw materials occurs as little as possible during transportation, such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, furniture, Kitchenware and so on. The sales of these products is very important for their own sales, and scratches are not allowed, which has higher requirements for laser cutting machine to cut metal. Can laser cutting machine cut coated metal?

  It is difficult to cut the laminated sheet because its cutting head can only be cut down from the top of the sheet, and the protective film on the top of the sheet has no impact on the cutting process. However, because the film is pasted on the bottom of the sheet, the cutting residues generated in the cutting process cannot be completely dropped, which will directly affect the cutting effect of the sheet, so that the sheet cannot be cut through or after cutting There is a big burr, but if all the film under the plate is torn off, there will be scratch under the plate.

  The specific method is:

  1. Draw an auxiliary cutting diagram matching with the actual cutting diagram. The specific method is to mirror the actual cutting diagram, and then the auxiliary cutting diagram can be obtained directly.

  2. The position and the maximum deviation of the film to be torn off are calculated. In theory, using the auxiliary cutting diagram to etch on the top of the plate by laser, the protective film at the cutting position is removed, and the plate can be cut directly by turning over. However, in the actual cutting process, due to the influence of laser positioning error and sheet shape error, the cutting position of the front and back sides of the sheet cannot coincide. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the exact offset and tear off the protective film at the offset position.

  3. Prepare cutting drawings and auxiliary cutting drawings. Cutting drawings can be drawn directly according to the shape of the workpiece. For auxiliary cutting drawings, first mirror the actual cutting drawings, and then offset with the set error value.

  4. Make laser cutting layout. First of all, auxiliary cutting drawings need to be typeset. Secondly, the layout image of the auxiliary cutting graph and the etching line are removed, and only the actual cutting graph is retained.

  5. Carry out laser cutting. First of all, the plate is etched, and then the protective film at the laser incision is removed. After tearing off the protective film, turn the steel plate over, and then cut the workpiece

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